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Western Ghats Mangalore : For Great Adventure & Fun

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Going trekking along the big, bold and beautiful Western Ghats is the dream of any and every adventure-loving person. Incidentally, I too have quite an inclination towards trekking, hiking and camping activities.

Living in the magnificent city of Mangalore provides me with ample opportunities to explore the chain of cloud-embracing Western Ghats. However, my busy schedule rarely does allow me to overburn myself as being a full-time accountant I have to attend to clients (sometimes, nagging ones), travel back and forth for meetings and what not.

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Though, I consistently take out time to spend some of my precious moments in the lap of the gorgeous Western Ghats. The lush hills apparently cover all of the eastern side of my hometown, Mangalore, hence they are always greatly accessible for me via local bus. Also, hiring bus services sounds more cheaper than going for private vehicle or so.

The last time I had made a visit to the hills was just this past weekend, when me and four of my besties had gone trekking and camping in the Western Ghats Mangalore. Interestingly, all of a sudden it started raining after hours of drizzling and once we were up on the hill, we made the most of our time.

A few nearby birds Great Indian Hornbill, Golden-Backed Woodpecker, Crested Serpent Eagle, Red Whiskered Bulbul, Blue-winged Parakeet and Nilgiri Wood-Pigeon were spotted on our trail. It was simply an awesome experience to view such beautiful and rare species of birds!

After clicking hundred-odd snapshots of the hills, the wildlife, the flora and fauna, we decided to have a quick bath in the waterfall nearby. As such none of us were spared by the roaring lashes of rain and what else could have been the icing on the cake for an adrenaline-loving person like me.

The Jog Falls was at its best and we too enjoyed every bit of it. It was as though there has been a stir of frenzy caused and all of us succumbed to it. As we descended, I could not help but stuff myself with mouthwatering street specialities from the local market.