pandit health resort & spa mangalore

Pandit Health Resort & Spa Mangalore : Relaxation And Refreshment !

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I seem to play with numbers and calculations are endless to a young 27 year old accountant. I Varun Shenoy am an avid traveller who enjoys the company of my best buddies. We have the same passion of trotting around the country, laughing aloud, pulling each other’s leg and a bunch who can’t wait to get their hands on good food! With Dusheera fast approaching, I was game for a vacation and to pamper myself this time. I planned my trip, picked a few shirts, couple of jeans and toiletries in my backpack and off to the bus station I went. A full stomach, good night’s sleep and a long journey on the A/C bus and I woke up at Mangalore.

Set amidst fields, far from the noises of the city, is a beautiful green landscape which allows you to breathe fresh air. Looking around, I spotted mango trees, jackfruit, coconut trees, cashew, almond, nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper and many more.  Fresh fruits and vegetables are grown here with natural fertilizers and this resort serves as a collection centre. How could I miss the Herbal garden? The herbs are grown to be used in the Ayurvedic rejuvenation centre. My cottage raised on stilts gave me a view of nature, there was a living room, dining room, and bedroom with a double bed. I had an LCD TV in the suite, stacked my clothes in an illuminated wardrobe and a hydrotherapy shower completed the luxury.

Pandit Health Resort & Spa Mangalore
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Pandit Health Resort & Spa gave me relaxation of the body, mind and soul. I woke up each morning and walked to the Yoga and Meditation centre for a date with the divine.  I took full benefit of the Health club which has the latest equipment and an experienced personnel to guide me along. A dip in the ozonized swimming pool was relaxing I thought. Well, the herbal steam bath was refreshing and I felt as light as a feather. The world class Spa is superb I tell you! Feeling really good, I was ready to take on life refreshed and ready to go.