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Mangalore Beach : Beckons Me And My Buddies!

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Life is painted with a myriad of colours! Lying on my bed, tossing and turning about one summer night, I longed to escape to a cooler terrain. Getting hold of my Tab, I surfed the net to find a beach close to my city. My search ended when I found Mangalore! Without hesitation I messaged my best buddies about a short trip to the beachside. They liked the idea and were looking forward to getting there. I winked, smiled to myself, with a pen and paper in hand I jotted down the budget. The next weekend we would be having lots of fun in the sun and sea!

A train journey with friends in thrilling! We chatted about various topics while munching on peanuts, bhel puri, hot samosas and a few paper cups of tea and coffee. The train halted… Here we come Mangalore! The coastline is dotted with several beaches. The view of the Someshwar beach, with a rock is a great attraction. We however went to the Ullal beach, south of Mangalore city where the Arabian Sea and the Netravati river meet. Long walks along the seashore gave us a wonderful view of the sky meeting the sea in shades of blue. The sand in our feet led us to the cool waters  and the gentle waves embraced us. Swimming is not advisable as the beach is rocky and dangerous.

However, we had fun indulging in water sports and relished good times. Being nature lovers, the sunset was spectacular as we watched the orange ball go down. We clicked photographs for memory. The early morning breeze gives a great start to a new day. 10 km north of Mangalore city near the port, is Tannirbhavi beach. It wears a deserted look, is safe for swimming in privacy. Laughter filled the air, teasing one another, drowning a friend, splashing water, was so much fun. A little ahead, we spotted a beautiful light house and rocks which seemed to tell us a story of the bygone era. I Varun Shenoy, had the best time at the beach with a bunch of best buddies !