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Mangalore Beach : Beckons Me And My Buddies!

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Life is painted with a myriad of colours! Lying on my bed, tossing and turning about one summer night, I longed to escape to a cooler terrain. Getting hold of my Tab, I surfed the net to find a beach close to my city. My search ended when I found Mangalore! Without hesitation I messaged my best buddies about a short trip to the beachside. They liked the idea and were looking forward to getting there. I winked, smiled to myself, with a pen and paper in hand I jotted down the budget. The next weekend we would be having lots of fun in the sun and sea!

A train journey with friends in thrilling! We chatted about various topics while munching on peanuts, bhel puri, hot samosas and a few paper cups of tea and coffee. The train halted… Here we come Mangalore! The coastline is dotted with several beaches. The view of the Someshwar beach, with a rock is a great attraction. We however went to the Ullal beach, south of Mangalore city where the Arabian Sea and the Netravati river meet. Long walks along the seashore gave us a wonderful view of the sky meeting the sea in shades of blue. The sand in our feet led us to the cool waters  and the gentle waves embraced us. Swimming is not advisable as the beach is rocky and dangerous.

However, we had fun indulging in water sports and relished good times. Being nature lovers, the sunset was spectacular as we watched the orange ball go down. We clicked photographs for memory. The early morning breeze gives a great start to a new day. 10 km north of Mangalore city near the port, is Tannirbhavi beach. It wears a deserted look, is safe for swimming in privacy. Laughter filled the air, teasing one another, drowning a friend, splashing water, was so much fun. A little ahead, we spotted a beautiful light house and rocks which seemed to tell us a story of the bygone era. I Varun Shenoy, had the best time at the beach with a bunch of best buddies !


Pandit Health Resort & Spa Mangalore : Relaxation And Refreshment !

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I seem to play with numbers and calculations are endless to a young 27 year old accountant. I Varun Shenoy am an avid traveller who enjoys the company of my best buddies. We have the same passion of trotting around the country, laughing aloud, pulling each other’s leg and a bunch who can’t wait to get their hands on good food! With Dusheera fast approaching, I was game for a vacation and to pamper myself this time. I planned my trip, picked a few shirts, couple of jeans and toiletries in my backpack and off to the bus station I went. A full stomach, good night’s sleep and a long journey on the A/C bus and I woke up at Mangalore.

Set amidst fields, far from the noises of the city, is a beautiful green landscape which allows you to breathe fresh air. Looking around, I spotted mango trees, jackfruit, coconut trees, cashew, almond, nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper and many more.  Fresh fruits and vegetables are grown here with natural fertilizers and this resort serves as a collection centre. How could I miss the Herbal garden? The herbs are grown to be used in the Ayurvedic rejuvenation centre. My cottage raised on stilts gave me a view of nature, there was a living room, dining room, and bedroom with a double bed. I had an LCD TV in the suite, stacked my clothes in an illuminated wardrobe and a hydrotherapy shower completed the luxury.

Pandit Health Resort & Spa Mangalore
Pandit Health Resort & Spa Mangalore I Image Resource :

Pandit Health Resort & Spa gave me relaxation of the body, mind and soul. I woke up each morning and walked to the Yoga and Meditation centre for a date with the divine.  I took full benefit of the Health club which has the latest equipment and an experienced personnel to guide me along. A dip in the ozonized swimming pool was relaxing I thought. Well, the herbal steam bath was refreshing and I felt as light as a feather. The world class Spa is superb I tell you! Feeling really good, I was ready to take on life refreshed and ready to go.

Image Of The Week : Bharath Mall Mangalore

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Bharath Mall Mangalore
Bharath Mall Mangalore I Image Resource :

Description : Recently i have been to Bharath mall Mangalore which is  located in Lalbagh at Bejai road. It comprise of all the facilities that could allure youngsters as well as family crowd. It is one amongst most popular and the second largest malls in Mangalore. It is situated opposite to KSRTC Bus Stand. Top international and Indian brand such as Adidas, Reebok BIG Cinemas, Adlabs Cinemas, Café Coffee Day, Big Bazaar and various other food courts, restaurants etc are located within this mall.

Western Ghats Mangalore : For Great Adventure & Fun

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Going trekking along the big, bold and beautiful Western Ghats is the dream of any and every adventure-loving person. Incidentally, I too have quite an inclination towards trekking, hiking and camping activities.

Living in the magnificent city of Mangalore provides me with ample opportunities to explore the chain of cloud-embracing Western Ghats. However, my busy schedule rarely does allow me to overburn myself as being a full-time accountant I have to attend to clients (sometimes, nagging ones), travel back and forth for meetings and what not.

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Though, I consistently take out time to spend some of my precious moments in the lap of the gorgeous Western Ghats. The lush hills apparently cover all of the eastern side of my hometown, Mangalore, hence they are always greatly accessible for me via local bus. Also, hiring bus services sounds more cheaper than going for private vehicle or so.

The last time I had made a visit to the hills was just this past weekend, when me and four of my besties had gone trekking and camping in the Western Ghats Mangalore. Interestingly, all of a sudden it started raining after hours of drizzling and once we were up on the hill, we made the most of our time.

A few nearby birds Great Indian Hornbill, Golden-Backed Woodpecker, Crested Serpent Eagle, Red Whiskered Bulbul, Blue-winged Parakeet and Nilgiri Wood-Pigeon were spotted on our trail. It was simply an awesome experience to view such beautiful and rare species of birds!

After clicking hundred-odd snapshots of the hills, the wildlife, the flora and fauna, we decided to have a quick bath in the waterfall nearby. As such none of us were spared by the roaring lashes of rain and what else could have been the icing on the cake for an adrenaline-loving person like me.

The Jog Falls was at its best and we too enjoyed every bit of it. It was as though there has been a stir of frenzy caused and all of us succumbed to it. As we descended, I could not help but stuff myself with mouthwatering street specialities from the local market.

A Day Well Spent In Mangaladevi Temple

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As a diehard budget traveller, I usually plan city excursions along with my six best friends. I tend to leave no stone unturned in search of budget short trips as being an accountant for over three years, I have now known the value of money. But that is totally another point to be discussed. Let me here elaborate about our one-day’s trip to the Mangaladevi temple. It was one of my friend’s birthday and this time he wanted to celebrate the joyous day before seeking the blessings of his ancestral deity, Goddess Mangaladevi. The best place to do so was the world famous Mangaladevi temple Mangalore. Call it an impromptu visit for we planned the entire trip in less than two hours. Although the temple is not too far away from my place, being an adrenaline enthusiast and a complete gourmand, I had to consider the various adventure and eating options as well.

Mangaladevi Temple Mangalore
Mangaladevi Temple Mangalore I Image Resource :

Once we had gathered much of information, we began our journey to the temple. Upon reaching the premises, we were stunned to see at the beauty and charm of the interiors of the temple. Interestingly, the temple dates back to the 10th century when it was built in the memory of the princess of Malabar Mangale. The temple has duly stood the test of the time and now we are in the 21st century gazing the embellished idol of the goddess. After spending around 5-6 hours at the temple, we decided to hit the Tannirbavi Beach — one of the best ones in the city. Although it is at a considerable distance from the temple, being an adventurer, I could not miss out on the opportunity of swimming in the clean waters of the calm Tannirbavi.

We finally ended the day by indulging in some premium quality food and drinks at The Saffron Spice. Remember it was one of my friend’s birthday, he treated us all to the gourmet, exotic South Indian and Mughlai cuisines at the boutique restaurant. I being a crazy foodie, completely made the most of it!!

So, that was truly an amazing day out with friends — visited city’s oldest temple, hit the beach and finally done something favourable for taste buds.