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Travel Quote of the Day – John Steinbeck

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Travel Quotes – I have always been intrigued by John Steinbeck and his quotes. In this particular one he means to convey that we do not control the events which are going to happen during our travels. In fact our travels turn unexpected and hence they teach us a lot in the process.


Merry Christmas wish Greetings

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Merry Christmas Wish Greetings : Christmas is the time of year when we adults need to be the Santa of our friends and loved ones and offer them love, courage and encouragement through their tough times. It is also the time of the year to share their happiness and joy along with the presents and shower appreciation to all the wonderful things in life.

New Year Wish Greetings 2016

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New Year 2016 Wish : It is rightly said that the time flies away so fast! It seems that just recently I had celebrated 2015 with my friends and now we have entered in the new year too. I wish a very happy new year from the bottom of my heart for each one of you and your family. I hope to gather beautiful memories in the new year too just like the previous year.

Recipe of Kurmura Mixture

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In this blog, I will be sharing a recipe that is quite close to my heart and it is so simple that very a kid can make it. It has been one of my all-time favourite snacks. I taking about muri mixture also known as Murmura mixture or kurmura mixture.


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This was the first dish that my mom taught me. I eventually became very really good at make it. I made it for my friends, family and even for my teachers. I still remember my friends calling my the “kurmura expert” which I am.

The best about this dish is that it is cheap, you can create it any time any where, you don’t have to cook it, It is really tasty and it is not a junk food. This is a perfect tea snack for guys. You don’t even need a kitchen for this dish. You can practically make it by sitting on your sofa and watching your favourite sports game. To create a muri mixture you just need basic mixture that will be most probably present in your kitchen(If you have one).

Ingredient :

– Kurmura a.k.a Puffed rice :  2 cups.
– Lime juice : Half a Lemon.
– Roasted Peanuts : 2-3 tbsp.
– Finely chopped Coriander : 2 tbsps.
– Peanuts : 2 tbsps (Optional).
– Red Chilli Powder : Half a tsp.
– 1 Finely chopped Onion.
– 1 Finely chopped Tomato.
– 1 Grated or finely chopped Carrot.
– Raw Grated mango slice.
– Any sort of khara mixture.
– Chat Masala : 1 tsp(Optional).
– Salt to taste.

Method of preparation :

-Take the roasted Peanuts along with finely chopped Coriander,Onion,Tomato,Carrot in the bowl.
– Mix the ingredients well and create a mixture.
– Add chilli powder, salt and lemon juice to the bowl of mixture.
– While adding lemon juice constantly check the taste to get the desired effect.
– Do not make it sour
– Add murmura to the mixture.
– At last add  chat masala to it and mix it well.


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Your murmura mixture is ready to serve… Enjoy.

Enjoy A Royal Retreat: Book Your Rooms In The Udaipur City Palace !

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Udaipur is a small city in the state of Rajasthan. Historically, it was the capital of the Rajput Kingdom of Mewar and the rich tradition of this place stems from this fact. Decorated with forts and palaces, this is every history geek’s paradise! Therefore, its growing reputation as one of the best tourist locations in India should come as no surprise.


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The first thought that comes to the mind with this city is the Udaipur City Palace, which has stood strong and has witnessed a few of the most iconic events in the Indian History. This mighty palace, built over 400 years, just goes on to prove the talent of the skilled craftsmen of the bygone era.

The Best Of Architecture – The Udaipur City Palace

It is quite natural that visitors pour in to watch this marvelous structure, and many more in the city. For this very purpose, numerous hotels have cropped up in the city, offering a mix of leisure and business amenities for the guests for a comfortable and memorable stay.


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A few prominent hotels in the locality include, Hotel Dine 11, Hotel Kiran Palace, Hotel Krishna Palace, Hotel Lake Paradise, Hotel Monalisa Palace, Hotel Neelam Palace, Hotel Rangniwas Palace, and Kotra Haveli. All of the above hotels are highly rated and are hot favorites of preferred by the tourists.


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Hotel Kotra Haveli deserves special interest with its exquisite architectural parameters and luxurious services offered. Little Garden Guest House is another place that needs to mention and that is partly due to the pleasant hospitality of the employees and the comfortable rooms. The location of both the hotels, close to the Udaipur City Palace, has also contributed to the popularity.

Most services offered by the hotels include, transportation, Wi-Fi, laundry, room service, business amenities, etc. For more information on the hotels one could browse on the internet. If the plan is finalized, then the online booking feature helps you to even book the rooms in advance and avail special discounts. Go on, and enjoy the timeless wonders of the country. Cheers!

Trekking Holiday Safety Tips

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The entire human culture civilized due to travelling. Through travelling, you can experience different culture and learn from each other. As humans, we always crave for a good travel experience. People are always curious to visit new locations.

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In today’s world, travel has changed a lot. People can visit one location after another within few hours. It is also a lot more faster and safer than it used to be. The technology has made our travel experience a lot more simpler. Today, many individuals travel just for adventure.

Trekking is one such experience. It allows the traveller to wander around and experience the surroundings. As a trekker, you can explore different areas from a region at your desired pace. However, trekking is not that  easy. Often it can be quite dangerous.

The more you develop your trekking skills and experience, more comfortable you will be during harder treks. However, if you are a beginner, make sure to choose an easy trekking destination. In any adventure activity, safety should be your primary objective. A small mistake from your end can put other’s life in danger.

Few months back, a trekker from Mumbai died in a trekking accident. So, through this blog I intend to offer some of the most effective safety tips for trekkers.

Stay Fit

Trekking is an exhilarating activity. So, make sure you are fit enough to join a trekking club. A trekker should have a strong heart, spine, legs, arms, shoulders etc. People with epilepsy, renal ailments, heart conditions and arthritis should avoid such trails. Set goals that are achievable and never try something that is too risky.

Prepare for the trek

I have met many trekkers who are overconfident and consider themselves as superior. These trekkers don’t take training seriously. Such an approach can make their skills rusty. So, i always advise that if you are planning a trek, start training a few months before and get in better shape.

Be Safe

If you like to explore new locations during your trekking expedition, make sure you are moving forward on a safe path that is strong and sturdy and will not collapse.

Leave a note

Always make sure that you notify your family and friends where you are going and with whom. This approach will help you out if there is an accident.

So these were some tips that could help you trek safely.

Destination of The Week : Shiv Niwas Palace Hotel Udaipur

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Shiv Niwas Mahal, Udaipur | Image Resource :

Shiv Niwas Palace Hotel Udaipur : I got an opportunity to stay in the Shiv Niwas Palace Hotel Udaipur when I was visiting my friend in the city. The hotel is built in the shape of the crescent moon and is an elegant looking building. I especially loved the fact that it was close to the city palace museum and the historic Hindu Jagadish Temple.