Travel Photo of The Week – Hotel The Ananta Udaipur

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Exotic View of Hotel The Ananta Udaipur | Image Resource:

Hotel The Ananta Udaipur – If you are planning a vacation to accommodate everything in your wife’s ‘must- have’ list and a wide- eyed “woahhh!!!!” from the kids,  Hotel The Ananta Udaipur is your solace. It is a perfect uphill resort overlooking the Sajjan Garh Palace in the city of lakes. With modern facilities and credible service, the hotel is sure to fetch you many first and best experiences ever to cherish.


Mesmerizing And Beautiful Coorg Resorts In The Laps Of Mother Nature!

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Hey Guys, This is Varun Shenoy .I am an ace accountant and movie buff. But my passion is travelling. I love mountains and adventure and Nature and have been to several parts of this beautiful country. To escape the scorching summer heat I decided to head for a hill station and what could have been better than Coorg which is located in Karnataka. I took a bus from Bangalore to Coorg. Bus journey is economical and it took around 5 hours for me to reach Coorg. Next was to select the right place to stay. I decided to check out a few resorts in this Kashmir of Southern India!

Exotic View of Coorg Resorts | Image Resource:

The first resort that I checked from the large number of Coorg Resorts was Orange County in Siddapur which has a 5 star rating. The salient features are

  • Luxurious villa style accommodation
  • 3 dining restaurants serving the best food
  • Spa and swimming pool
  • Mesmerizing smell of coffee and spice
Picturesque View of 3 Dining Restaurants | Image Resource:

The second was Windflower Resorts and Spa which has the following key features:

  • Spread over coffee estate it has a picturesque view
    Beautiful and luxurious rooms
  • Infinity Pool surrounded by rosewood and teakwood trees
  • Bar, lounge and restaurant facilities

The final one of the Coorg Resorts that I checked was Ambatty Greens Resort. This resort has:

  • Comfortable deluxe rooms
  • Several places of tourist attraction close by
  • Surrounded by lush greenery
  • Economical stay
  • Restaurant with exotic cuisine
View of Luxurious Room in Coorg Resorts | Image Resource:

Though all the three resorts were wonderful I decided to check in at Ambatty Greens Resort. It was suitable for my pocket size and had all the basic amenities. It was close to several tourists hotspots. I visited Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, Chomamale Hill and St. Anne’s Church. I also went to Basavangudi Temple (Approx. 5km) and Clock Tower.

My 5 day stay in Coorg was a memorable one. As I boarded the bus to head back to Bangalore the images of this beautiful hill station lingered on in my mind. It was like watching a 70 mm cinemascope movie. The beauty of Coorg left me spellbound and speechless. It is one of the best places that I have visited so far and promised to come back to this beautiful place again!

Enjoy A Royal Retreat: Book Your Rooms In The Udaipur City Palace !

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Udaipur is a small city in the state of Rajasthan. Historically, it was the capital of the Rajput Kingdom of Mewar and the rich tradition of this place stems from this fact. Decorated with forts and palaces, this is every history geek’s paradise! Therefore, its growing reputation as one of the best tourist locations in India should come as no surprise.


Udaipur City Palace | Image Resource:

The first thought that comes to the mind with this city is the Udaipur City Palace, which has stood strong and has witnessed a few of the most iconic events in the Indian History. This mighty palace, built over 400 years, just goes on to prove the talent of the skilled craftsmen of the bygone era.

The Best Of Architecture – The Udaipur City Palace

It is quite natural that visitors pour in to watch this marvelous structure, and many more in the city. For this very purpose, numerous hotels have cropped up in the city, offering a mix of leisure and business amenities for the guests for a comfortable and memorable stay.


Front Side of City Palace Udaipur | Image Resource:

A few prominent hotels in the locality include, Hotel Dine 11, Hotel Kiran Palace, Hotel Krishna Palace, Hotel Lake Paradise, Hotel Monalisa Palace, Hotel Neelam Palace, Hotel Rangniwas Palace, and Kotra Haveli. All of the above hotels are highly rated and are hot favorites of preferred by the tourists.


Panoramic Night View of City Palace Udiapur | Image Resource :

Hotel Kotra Haveli deserves special interest with its exquisite architectural parameters and luxurious services offered. Little Garden Guest House is another place that needs to mention and that is partly due to the pleasant hospitality of the employees and the comfortable rooms. The location of both the hotels, close to the Udaipur City Palace, has also contributed to the popularity.

Most services offered by the hotels include, transportation, Wi-Fi, laundry, room service, business amenities, etc. For more information on the hotels one could browse on the internet. If the plan is finalized, then the online booking feature helps you to even book the rooms in advance and avail special discounts. Go on, and enjoy the timeless wonders of the country. Cheers!

Destination of The Week : Shiv Niwas Palace Hotel Udaipur

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Shiv Niwas Mahal, Udaipur | Image Resource :

Shiv Niwas Palace Hotel Udaipur : I got an opportunity to stay in the Shiv Niwas Palace Hotel Udaipur when I was visiting my friend in the city. The hotel is built in the shape of the crescent moon and is an elegant looking building. I especially loved the fact that it was close to the city palace museum and the historic Hindu Jagadish Temple.

Destination of The Week : Hotel Sarovar Lake Pichola Udaipur

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Hotel Sarovar Lake Pichola, Udaipur | Image Resource :

Hotel Sarovar Lake Pichola Udaipur : I visited Udaipur for a friend’s wedding and happened to stay at the Hotel Sarovar. The place is a beauty as it is tastefully decorated and offers a great view of the lake. The manager and the staff were friendly and made sure I settled comfortably in to my room. The food served here was delicious too.

Taj Lake Palace Udaipur Where You Discover The Descendants Of The Original Palace Retainers

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My visit the previous day had kept me in the mood of luxury. I felt why not I continue with this trail of extravagance. Anyway I was saving so much, as I had travelled by trains and was staying in a budget hotel. I decided that while in Rome do as the Romans do. So in this city of palaces, let me experience some luxuries too.

View of Taj Lake Palace | Image Resource :

On this day my decision was to spend my time at Taj lake Palace. It felt as if I could not get enough of lakes and palaces. I thought spending the entire day at this majestic architectural wonder, would be really worth it. Again I revelled in the experience of being ferried across the Lake Pichola to this Taj resort.

View of Pichola Lake | Image Resource :

Its history says, that it was originally built in the years between 1743 and 1746, under the expert guidance of Maharana Jagat Singh II. Also previously it was known as Jagniwas or Jan Niwas. Looking at its courtyards lined with columns and pillared terraces it was not hard to imagine, that it served as a summer resort to the royal families of Maharajas.

Its current status has been enhanced by the Taj group of companies, taking it over and building and renovating it accordingly.

I walked about the lobby feeling its cool white marbled interiors. Everywhere I discovered carved traditional wooden furniture and smooth silk fabrics in use for its interiors. As I walked around, I could not stop requesting a butler to show me one of rooms. It felt like a peep into regal luxury with a garden or a lake view. I could stop thanking the butler enough, who smiled in polite courtesy!

Inner View of Taj Lake Palace | Image Resource :

Deciding to have a dining experience with difference, I proceeded to dine at the Pontoon restaurants. What is the difference, well-it offered meals on a floating platform! Gangaur restaurant, that offers dining on small boats I saved for my coming visit. But I did indulge myself with a wine glass and a cigar at the Amrit Sagar bar.

At the end of the day while being ferried back to the city, I gazed at the shimmering lake and felt this is the ultimate in luxury!

Delicious Food Of The Week : Bedekar Puneri Misal Pune

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Bedekar Puneri Misal Pune
Bedekar Puneri Misal Pune | Image Resource :

Bedekar Puneri Misal Pune : Bedekar’s is one the foremost Indian brands today and they own a charming eatery in Pune which is must try for every foodie. The Misal here is the yummiest in the town and I make sure I visit here as often as I can for the spicy and delicious food. I suggest everyone who visits Pune should try it.