Recipe of Kurmura Mixture

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In this blog, I will be sharing a recipe that is quite close to my heart and it is so simple that very a kid can make it. It has been one of my all-time favourite snacks. I taking about muri mixture also known as Murmura mixture or kurmura mixture.


Kurmura Mixture Dish | Image Resource :

This was the first dish that my mom taught me. I eventually became very really good at make it. I made it for my friends, family and even for my teachers. I still remember my friends calling my the “kurmura expert” which I am.

The best about this dish is that it is cheap, you can create it any time any where, you don’t have to cook it, It is really tasty and it is not a junk food. This is a perfect tea snack for guys. You don’t even need a kitchen for this dish. You can practically make it by sitting on your sofa and watching your favourite sports game. To create a muri mixture you just need basic mixture that will be most probably present in your kitchen(If you have one).

Ingredient :

– Kurmura a.k.a Puffed rice :  2 cups.
– Lime juice : Half a Lemon.
– Roasted Peanuts : 2-3 tbsp.
– Finely chopped Coriander : 2 tbsps.
– Peanuts : 2 tbsps (Optional).
– Red Chilli Powder : Half a tsp.
– 1 Finely chopped Onion.
– 1 Finely chopped Tomato.
– 1 Grated or finely chopped Carrot.
– Raw Grated mango slice.
– Any sort of khara mixture.
– Chat Masala : 1 tsp(Optional).
– Salt to taste.

Method of preparation :

-Take the roasted Peanuts along with finely chopped Coriander,Onion,Tomato,Carrot in the bowl.
– Mix the ingredients well and create a mixture.
– Add chilli powder, salt and lemon juice to the bowl of mixture.
– While adding lemon juice constantly check the taste to get the desired effect.
– Do not make it sour
– Add murmura to the mixture.
– At last add  chat masala to it and mix it well.


Murmura Mixture | Image Resource :

Your murmura mixture is ready to serve… Enjoy.


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