Enjoy A Royal Retreat: Book Your Rooms In The Udaipur City Palace !

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Udaipur is a small city in the state of Rajasthan. Historically, it was the capital of the Rajput Kingdom of Mewar and the rich tradition of this place stems from this fact. Decorated with forts and palaces, this is every history geek’s paradise! Therefore, its growing reputation as one of the best tourist locations in India should come as no surprise.


Udaipur City Palace | Image Resource: en.wikipedia.org

The first thought that comes to the mind with this city is the Udaipur City Palace, which has stood strong and has witnessed a few of the most iconic events in the Indian History. This mighty palace, built over 400 years, just goes on to prove the talent of the skilled craftsmen of the bygone era.

The Best Of Architecture – The Udaipur City Palace

It is quite natural that visitors pour in to watch this marvelous structure, and many more in the city. For this very purpose, numerous hotels have cropped up in the city, offering a mix of leisure and business amenities for the guests for a comfortable and memorable stay.


Front Side of City Palace Udaipur | Image Resource: commons.wikimedia.org

A few prominent hotels in the locality include, Hotel Dine 11, Hotel Kiran Palace, Hotel Krishna Palace, Hotel Lake Paradise, Hotel Monalisa Palace, Hotel Neelam Palace, Hotel Rangniwas Palace, and Kotra Haveli. All of the above hotels are highly rated and are hot favorites of preferred by the tourists.


Panoramic Night View of City Palace Udiapur | Image Resource : en.wikipedia.org

Hotel Kotra Haveli deserves special interest with its exquisite architectural parameters and luxurious services offered. Little Garden Guest House is another place that needs to mention and that is partly due to the pleasant hospitality of the employees and the comfortable rooms. The location of both the hotels, close to the Udaipur City Palace, has also contributed to the popularity.

Most services offered by the hotels include, transportation, Wi-Fi, laundry, room service, business amenities, etc. For more information on the hotels one could browse on the internet. If the plan is finalized, then the online booking feature helps you to even book the rooms in advance and avail special discounts. Go on, and enjoy the timeless wonders of the country. Cheers!


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