The Ruling Deity Of Mewar Is Ensconced At Eklingji Temple Udaipur!

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Wherever we Indians go, somehow deep within we are all religious and if a city we  visit has to offer a religious place we certainly make it a point to go there .And I Mr.Shenoy is no different. As soon I heard of this Eklingi Hindu temple complex, I decided to visit it as I had only a few days of my vacation left.

Eklingi is believed to be the ruling deity of Mewar.This complex was built by the Guhila dynasty of Mewar in honour of their presiding deity. Basically it is a form of Lord Shiva.

Eklingji Temple Udaipur | Image Resource :

To reach here I took a RSTC bus, running from Udaipur and Eklingi. Its location is 22 Km from north of Udaipur, and it took me an hour to reach. As I stepped out of the bus I looked up in pure reverence at the temple. Its architecture is absolutely remarkable. The double storeyed temple looks terrific with its pyramidal roof and carved tower.

I was impressed with the long hard rock wall running around the temple .There seemed to be a seamless stream of visitors going in. I stopped to read the board, which said that it was built in 734 AD.As I stepped in; within its walls there were actually 108 temples. All are beautifully carved out of marble and sandstone.

View of Eklingji Temple | Image Resource :

This place is popularly known as the spiritual capital of Mewar. And for good reason too, as the king himself visits it every Monday. The outer walls of the temple stretched outwards and lead towards the lake waters. I took this opportunity of going down these stairs, to get the feel of dipping my feet into the lake.

View of Eklingji Idol |Image Resource :

The temple proudly boasts of housing the four faced deity of Lord Shiva made in dark black marble. The four faces depict four forms of Shiva. The east facing is Surya, west facing- Lord Brahma and the north side face is Lord Vishnu with the south facing part as Rudra- meaning Lord Shiva himself.

The Shivling garlanded by a silver snake is a major attraction here. I stood rooted in sheer veneration and respect for this lord of lords. All through the year on Saturdays and Sundays the faithful flock here to be relieved of their distress. Standing here I felt calm, and the purity of the environment somehow made my heart feel lighter!


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