A Royal Sojourn At Cambay Resort Udaipur!

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The previous day at the lake had me in a relaxed mood. Imagine my surprise when early next morning I was woken up by the persistent ringing of the phone bell .I picked it up ,and answered in a sleepy groggy voice. Hearing the voice I sat up with sleep vanishing at once .It was my colleague from the office! What was he doing in Udaipur? Well he was at Cambay Resort Udaipur for a conference.

Cambay Resort Udaipur | Image Resource : cambayhotels.com

Upon receiving an invite to spend the day in this resort by my colleague, I did not waste a moment. I rushed about dressing up and soon reached the venue in no time. Getting off from the mini-van I stepped out, only to be charmed by its scenic settings. This resort is inspired by the architectural eminence of the city and its setting is the backdrop of hills.

My colleague was there at the entrance to welcome me. We shook hands in delight at the chance meeting. My eyes took in the large grounds. The resort is actually spread over 11,000 Sq, metres. It has on offer 5 star luxuries.

Luxury Room, cambay Hotels | Image Resource : cambayhotels.com

We walked into his room and I was happy to see the rooms with classic heritage wood furnishings. The room was air-conditioned, with soothing colour scheme. He proudly announced that the hotel had 60 comfortable rooms. A flat screen TV completed the cosy picture. However we soon came out of the room, as he was keen that we enjoy the soothing massage at Orient Spa. We ended up in the games room playing and chatting in a leisurely manner.

Cambay Resort Restaurants | Image Resource : cambayhotels.com

Come evening and he was very persistent, that I join him for dinner .He had other group of his colleagues coming in, and we went as a happy group to the Sip Resto Bar. The atmosphere was at once soothing and relaxing. The talks and discussions we had were very relevant to our business. But we reminded ourselves that we are here to relax! So we all trooped into Indus the Multi-Cuisine restaurant. All of us unanimously agreed, to have traditional Rajasthani cuisine, though all kinds of food from across the globe were available.

My friend did make an offer to me, of spending the night here, but I waved him goodbye thanking him for his courteous hospitality. After all I had to plan for my next day tour!


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