Wining Environs Of Fateh Sagar Lake Udaipur : Blissful Surrender!

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Surrendering myself to the beauty of the surroundings is something which is an intrinsic part of my personality. And coming to this lake city, I feel has bought these aspects of my personality to the fore. Every day is a discovery for me, a discovery of beauty that lies within this lovely city, sometimes also referred to as, “the second Kashmir”.

Panoramic View of Fateh Sagar Lake | Iage Resource :

The Fateh Sagar Lake, the place which I selected to visit on this day is an artificial lake which stands second in its largeness to other lakes. It takes its name after the famous Maharana Fateh Singh. Its location is to the north of Lake Pichola, near my hotel, which again gave me an advantage of visiting is at leisure.

View of Fateh Sagar Lake | Image Resource :

This day too I decided I would venture out to this beautiful lake in the mid-afternoon, as the morning hours I spent in shopping, for souvenirs for my friends around the hotel itself.

To reach there I decided to take a local bus. Thoroughly enjoying the bumpy ride in the company of locals I reached this lake venue within a short time. From these locals I got to know a little of its logistics. It is under the care of Udaipur Conservation society. This Lake also supports, sustains, the ground water recharge, supplies drinking water, maintaining ecological water availability. In the bargain it provides employment to a lot people of Udaipur.

That were the logistics of the lake, and I could not help probing the people, me being an accountant having a penchant for statistics!

Pushing all business thoughts aside I reached the venue with the sole intention of enjoying every bit of my visit. A pleasant site awaited me as the lake is embellished by 3 tiny islands and to go to each of them we need to take a boat ride. Again my heart leapt in joy on discovering how these boat rides give me a thrill.

Nehru Park, Fateh-Sagar Lake | Image Resource :

I visited the largest island first which seemed to be developed as a Park named Nehru Park .It had a small zoo which I enjoyed with kiddish delight. The second island had beautiful fountains and the third houses the, Udaipur solar observatory one of the best in the world.

This pear shaped lake provides wonderful scenery as one travels towards it with its winding paths. Definitely worth a visit!


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