Ambrai Ghat Udaipur- Sunset Here will Cool Your Brow And Steal Your Heart!

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I have been attracted to greenery and old buildings. If surrounded by water then the combination is irresistible! Yes I was sure to enjoy all this, at Ambrai Ghat which is located just opposite the city palace and Lake Palace Hotel.

Ambrai Ghat | Image Resource :

Its location stole my heart! On the banks of Lake Pichola this ghat is a terrific place for spending a soothing evening there. Today I had spent the morning and afternoon at the hotel itself, relaxing and transferring the photographs I had clicked into the laptop from my camera.

View of Pichola Lake | Image Resource :

Starting off my hotel by mid-afternoon I could comfortably reach this ghat in time. This time I was sure that I will return only after watching the sunset in this cultural city full of old heritage sites with lakes flowing around in mute testimony of its richness in history. The lovely spacious stairs and wall surrounding it gave me a vantage point of observing the surroundings.

It was indeed a photographer’s delight, as its location gave an unhindered view of not one, but two palaces. From here I felt as if the palaces seem to be floating on the lake waters. On an impulse I decided to take a boat ride. In fact I was the last of the occupants, to scramble in the boat, after the boatman had signalled the start of the ride.

How the gentle breeze caressed by cheeks and blew my hair! I gazed mesmerized at the shimmering lake and drank in the beauty of the greenery surrounding it. The palaces lit up seemed, as if twinkling jewels were studded into them.

I had the good fortune of watching the sunset from the boat itself. Imagine watching the sun going down in a fiery ball. Sighing in contentment I decided to sit awhile on the steps .The large number of couples who had come to watch the sunset seemed quiet and relaxed .This venue I discovered was quite a hit with couples, as it offers a romantic and enthralling view.

Taking a decision on the spot that I would eat at the Ambrai restaurant, felt good, as I had heard from the boatman that it has the most original non-veg dishes! Siting at this restaurant with its wrought iron furniture, and shady trees with a bar to compliment, was a perfect way to end my day.


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