Taj Lake Palace Udaipur Where You Discover The Descendants Of The Original Palace Retainers

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My visit the previous day had kept me in the mood of luxury. I felt why not I continue with this trail of extravagance. Anyway I was saving so much, as I had travelled by trains and was staying in a budget hotel. I decided that while in Rome do as the Romans do. So in this city of palaces, let me experience some luxuries too.

View of Taj Lake Palace | Image Resource : commons.wikimedia.org

On this day my decision was to spend my time at Taj lake Palace. It felt as if I could not get enough of lakes and palaces. I thought spending the entire day at this majestic architectural wonder, would be really worth it. Again I revelled in the experience of being ferried across the Lake Pichola to this Taj resort.

View of Pichola Lake | Image Resource : gallerygogopix.net

Its history says, that it was originally built in the years between 1743 and 1746, under the expert guidance of Maharana Jagat Singh II. Also previously it was known as Jagniwas or Jan Niwas. Looking at its courtyards lined with columns and pillared terraces it was not hard to imagine, that it served as a summer resort to the royal families of Maharajas.

Its current status has been enhanced by the Taj group of companies, taking it over and building and renovating it accordingly.

I walked about the lobby feeling its cool white marbled interiors. Everywhere I discovered carved traditional wooden furniture and smooth silk fabrics in use for its interiors. As I walked around, I could not stop requesting a butler to show me one of rooms. It felt like a peep into regal luxury with a garden or a lake view. I could stop thanking the butler enough, who smiled in polite courtesy!

Inner View of Taj Lake Palace | Image Resource : tajhotels.com

Deciding to have a dining experience with difference, I proceeded to dine at the Pontoon restaurants. What is the difference, well-it offered meals on a floating platform! Gangaur restaurant, that offers dining on small boats I saved for my coming visit. But I did indulge myself with a wine glass and a cigar at the Amrit Sagar bar.

At the end of the day while being ferried back to the city, I gazed at the shimmering lake and felt this is the ultimate in luxury!


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