Jagmandir Island Palace Udaipur- Float In The Palace Standing Within A Lake!

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Udaipur is a famed city of palaces and lovely lakes and so I thought why not I explore these beautiful places. For experiencing this, I decided, to visit this Grand Heritage Palace, Jagmandir Island Palace. I had gathered information that it is built on an island, in the Lake Pichola.

Jagmandir Island Palace | Image Resource : storify.com

Popularly known as Lake Garden Palace too, this is a grand heritage site. It was a wonderful feeling to be ferried across to the site. Shah Jahan as a young prince had come here to seek refuge, way back in 1623. The history connected to this place was enough to make feel like a prince too!!

I discovered that this palace was built in the 17th century and has now been developed as a complete destination. What a piece of marvel! It houses all luxurious dining restaurants and a bar too with Spa facilities. All this was enough to uplift my mood and spirits.

View of Jagmandir Palace |Image Resource : hrhhotels.com

Looking around in sheer appreciation at the regal atmosphere I noticed that there were a lot of foreigner’s here. This is but natural as it plays host to the 21st century guests. Year after year this luxury palace, continues to make international news about glamour events and the glamorous guests hosts.

History has always fascinated me, so for me the Jagriti a heritage museum on the site itself was a great attraction. I spent quite a long time browsing in its hallowed interiors. I filled myself on its great history of making it, over the centuries.

So immersed was I in this experience, that I did not realize that I had not eaten yet. I decided to try the Picholi bar and found good collection of vintage wines. After a couple of drinks I went to Darikhana restaurant and indulged in the traditional Rajasthani fare.

As evening lengthened, its shadows spread over this palace I found it was beautifully lit up. There was a musical soiree happening in the Garden Chowk, and the Kumwarpada Chowk had a large sit-down banquet. This palace par excellence had carved a niche in my heart, and I felt it was worth spending my time , my money and my efforts in visiting it!


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