Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary-Experience The Effect Of Micro-Climate !

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I could not believe my luck that after a long journey passing through so many cities I was here in Udaipur atlast.That too very comfortably settled in this budget Hotel Anupam.Waking up very early in my comfortable spacious and airy room was a pleasant restful feeling .I sauntered to the 24×7 reception help desk to pick up my packed breakfast which I had ordered the previous night itself. I wanted to start very early towards Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary. The real fact was, I wished to enjoy the sunrise view from Sajjangarh palace top.

View of Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary | Image Resource :

Taking my binoculars and camera I set off in earnest towards my destination of the day. The darkness of the night had not melted away yet, but this place being just 5 km aways from the main city and easy on travel too. Taking a rickshaw to the place was like getting into the skin of being a typical exploring tourist.

Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary , Udaipur | Image Resource :

Getting off the rickshaw I was in for a most spectacular view of sunrise from the Sajjangarh Palace. Lying at the foothills of the Sajjangarh Palace was Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary. My eyes ran to the areas surrounding it. It was thickly wooded and I got to know that the erstwhile maharajas of Udaipur maintained this as a royal shooting reserve. I got to see some historical evidences as I could see some canons lying around.

View of Sajjangarh place | Image Resource :

I saw a crowd of people going for a trek in the interiors. I joined them as they seemed a friendly lot. It was fascinating to observe the reptiles, tigers, nilgais, Sāmbhar’s and panthers and hyenas. On the way a lot many people were registering for the jungle safari starting from Gorilla Point to Jiyan Sagar Lake. But then I preferred walking in the natural environs.

Suddenly we stopped as we had reached the major attraction of the sanctuary, the Bari Lake or Tiger Lake. A network of road is created within the jungle path to reach the various parts of the safari park. I took the Maharana Pratap trail, and enjoyed the Jhar water hole plus the Shiva temple situated near it. The spring that flows here, during rainy season adds to the beauty of this sanctuary.


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