A Beautiful Train Journey From Mangalore To The City Of Lakes, Udaipur!

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Hi friends, I am Vinay Shenoy and this time I had nearly a 15 day break from my job. What better way of putting this break to use than go on a holiday. I had heard a lot about Rajasthan and how budget travelling is perfect here. So I readied myself for the train journey from Mangalore to Ratlam. This train booking I could make very easily by way of online railway portals.

The commencement of the journey from this coastal town Mangalore was pleasant enough. Once after boarding the train I could admire the coastal scene outside .While ordering for food there were lovely spicy sea-food options. Tasty spice laden food is something which I have never been able to resist. I sat cosily on the comfortable seats of this train Maru Sagar Express and enjoyed the meal. What a hearty start to my journey.

Maru Sagar Express | Image Resource : youtube.com

Waking up to the cacophony of hawkers and coolie I was reminded that I was already at Ratlam. How cool the journey had been up till here. Swinging my feet off the berth I got off leisurely at Ratlam. Now for a good cup of tea with some nice kachoris and fafda jalebi.What a lovely morning breakfast!

Ratlam Junction | Image Resource : flickr.com

After this spicy-sweet morning meal, I was ready to start the next part of my journey. From Ratlam plenty of trains were available to Bandra Terminus which I had already booked. The train was few minutes late. I sat at Ratlam junction and took in the hustle and bustle thinking about its history.

Emperor Shah Jahan had given Ratlam, as a gift to Ratan Singh Rathore for his bravery.

With this musings I boarded the train for Mumbai. The journey was pleasant enough. On reaching Bandra Terminus the next morning, I hastily ran across the other platform escaping into the train Udz Super-fast. How relieved I was. Before retiring to sleep I checked my Udaipur flight hotel deals on my smartphone. With just a click I got the best budget deal of Hotel Anupam. This hotel is so centrally located that I could easily go visiting to places of interest like lakes and palaces and mandirs easily, once I reached Udaipur.

View of Udaipur City | Image Resource : skyscrapercity.com

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