Recipe for Kolhapuri Tambda Rassa

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Kolhapuri Tambda Rassa Dish | Image Resource :

In this blog, I’m going to share with you my Dad’s “Kolhapuri Tambda Rassa” Recipe.

You require 15 minutes for preparation and 45 minutes for cooking. Let me assure it is worth all your hard work.


– 1 Kilo of Mutton,
– Red Chilly Powder (1 Tbsp)
– Oil (1 Cup)
– Two Tomatoes
– 3 Medium size Onions
– Coriander Leaves
– Ginger (One inch)
– Garlic (8 to 10 Cloves)
– Turmeric Powder (1/4 Tsp)
– Salt (2 Tbsp )
– Sesame Seeds (2 Tbsp )
– Four Black Cardamom
– Fresh Coconut (2 Tbsp )
– Dry Coconut (2 Tbsp )
– Coriander Powder (1 Tbsp )
– Cumin Powder(1 Tbsp )
– 3 to 4 Black Pepper
– 3 to 4  Cinnamon Sticks
– 4 to 5  Cloves
– Poppy Seeds (1 Tbsp )
– Sesame Seeds (2 Tbsp )
– Ghee (2 Tbsp )
– Kolhapuri Masala (2 Tbsp )

Ingredients | Image Resource :

Time for Kolhapuri Tambda Rassa:

– Wash the mutton pieces thoroughly with clean water.
– Take a bowl, mix turmeric powder along with salt & ginger-garlic paste and create a mixture.
– Mix the mutton pieces with this mixture
– Next step is to marinate the mutton and keep it aside for 60-70 minutes.
– Take a pan and heat the oil in it.
– Add the above mentioned quantity of Cinnamon Sticks, Garlic cloves, Black Peppers, Dry Coconut, Sesame Seeds, Onion cut lengthwise.
– Fry them until the onion turns light brown. Then put the fried mixture in the grinder
– Add a little water to the mixture before grinding to make a paste.
– Now Heat oil in a bigger pan.
– Put finely chopped bay leaves,cloves,cinnamon,pepper,poppy seeds,onion into the oil. Fry them until it turns light brown, And then add some tomatoes.
– Now add the marinated mutton pieces and salt
– Stir the mixture well, close the pan with a lid and add pour little water on the lid.
– Now when the water starts to boil, Close the lid and let it cook.
– After 10 minutes check the mutton, if it is half cooked add Kolhapuri Masala and the grinded mixture.
– Add 1 tablespoon Ghee.
– Cover the pan with lid allowing it to cook for around 30 minutes.
– Turn off the gas , cover dish tightly for 20 minutes.
–  Garnish your dish with freshly chopped coriander.
– Your Kolhapuri Tambda Rassa is ready to be served with Bhakris or Chapatis (I would also recommend Dahi Kanda & Lemon Wedges to make the dish more enjoyable).


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