Guinness’s Recorded Monument At Pataleshwar Caves Pune!

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With the last day spent on touring one of the prestigious buildings in Pune, it was time for my last trip in Pune to Pataleshwar Caves Pune. I’m sure I could have researched another Pune’s restaurant for brunch, but for a quick bite I was certainly more interested in good food than a write-up and the hotels café was more than fair. The driver was already waiting at the hotel reception area when he phoned me, and I realized that the sumptuous breakfast on table was the reason for delay. I rushed to avoid the waiting charges.

The half an hour drive to Junglee Maharaja Road revealed that I was at Pataleshwar Caves. The online composition on this place says that it is a brilliant choice for those who love natural attractions chiseled by human beings. Crafted from a giant cave that offers a stunning view, Pataleshwar Caves, the area was my final destination on my explorations throughout Pune.

Pataleshwar Caves Pune
Pataleshwar Caves Pune | Image Resource :

Earlier, the place was based on the outers of Pune but due to city’s expanding limits, it is now considered to be in Pune, located on Junglee Maharaj Road. It is known as one of the greatest shrines of Lord Shiva.

As I walked inside of the area, I found some of the architectural brilliances that included the statues of Nandi, Sita, Ram, Laxman, Ganesh and a huge Shivalingam. There was also one museum attached to the caves that exhibits a grain of rice that is engraved with 5000 characters. It was really great to see one of the Guinness World records that attract thousands of visitors on daily basis.

Shivalingam | Image Resource :

Strolling through the area, I found Nandi Mandapa as one of the most attractive canopies. Supported by huge pillars, the canopy has a shape of an umbrella and is one of the idiosyncratic architectures of Pataleshwar Caves.

Pataleshwar Caves Internal Temple
Pataleshwar Caves Internal Temple | Image Resource :

With the Sun starting to dip and my train scheduled to leave at 7 PM, I hesitantly called up the cab driver to take me back to my hotel. As the cab started to ride away from the Pataleshwar Caves, I bid adieu to the bewildering stop. Looking back, I was literally pleased with my choice of the day and would recommend the place to anyone who is in Pune or going to Pune.


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