Aga Khan Palace Pune : A Grand Tribute To Gandhi Family

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One day in between arranging tours, I decided to spend some time at one of the famous historical places of pune i.e.  Aga Khan Palace Pune. Rather booking a cab, I preferred to go via bus. I bet to guess that most of the visitors to this majestic building come by local transport and it’s actually an easy way to visit the palace.

Aga Khan Palace Pune
Aga Khan Palace Pune |Image Resource :

The ticket cost was only Rs. 8 from my location. While few hours weren’t enough to completely experience a whimsical and new place, they’re certainly enough time to get a flavor of the famous Aga Khan Palace.

Known for its beautiful architecture and historical value, the place is considered as one of the biggest landmark in the Indian history. From picturesque landscape to traditional values, the place has it all. The palace has Italian arches and cavernous lawns built inside the five huge halls that entice the eyes of every spectator. It was built in the year of 1892 by Prince Aga Khan.

After some years, the prince donated the palace to the government as a sign of respect to Gandhi. The place is a simple memorial to Gandhi and his life, but the way it is built and further maintained, it attracts to hundreds of local, national and international visitors on daily basis.

Not only the Gandhi but the place also holds memories of Kasturba and Mahadevi. There are three cemeteries within the ambience to commemorate the sacrifices of the Gandhi family and every year millions of visitors come to pay homage to their cemeteries. Even I joined in with some of the visitors to show my reverence for our nation’s greatest leader of all the time.

Aga Khan Palace
Aga Khan Palace | Image Resource :

Whether just strolling through the lawns and gaining the insights of the palace or absorbing the beauty of the architecture and paying homage to Gandhi family, it is a place to be seen if in Pune. Had I more time, I would have sat there for a while and enjoyed the serenity, but the clock was as usual ticking and I had to return to my hotel for next day long-trip.


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