Embrace Purity and Tradition; Take a Humble Bow at the Jejuri Temple Pune!

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After satisfying my hunger towards thrill and adventure I decided to visit some historic places. Unlike other people who find boredom in such visits, I take great pleasure and keen interest to learn culture and archaeological brilliance. The next stop on my travel train was Jejuri Temple.

Situated at about 48 kms from the city of Pune this place reflects age old traditions and beliefs. It is easy to access this temple town via rail and road. There are lot of trains operating at flexible timings from pune railway station in order to reach here.

Jejuri Temple Pune
Jejuri Temple Pune | Image Resource : flickr.com

One special fact that took me by surprise was the amazing literacy rate of this small city. Tabulated at an average of 73% this place puts to shame a lot of other developed cities and towns as well. This temple is the most important feature of this town and it is in honour of Khandoba. The oldest tribe in India, Dhangra regard this god to be their creator and protector. I was spell bound witnessing the marvellous carvings and architecture of this temple. I could say it for a fact that there was not a second where I was thinking of anything apart from the temple.

Lord Khandoba's Statue
Lord Khandoba’s Statue | Image Resource : pune.gov.in

This city holds around 12,000 people with Marathi being the primary language for communication. To my surprise the people here are too friendly and hospitality lingers in the air we breathe here. Everybody here has a tendency to help tourists and this factor has enabled a healthy inflow of people. The holy flame is the speciality of this temple and it has a lot of legacy attached to it.

Jejuri Temple
Jejuri Temple | Image Resource : indiatravelblog.com

The view down the big arch gives immense pleasure to the eyes of any observer. Further down the main entrance is the DeepStambha which is nothing less than a wonder creation. This structure adds a lot of holy value to the place and it is one of the main reasons why people visit this temple with a lot of dedication and devotion.


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