Give a Kick start to Your Taste Buds; Visit German Bakery Where Magic Resides Under One Roof!

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It was a long day before I reached my hotel. With lot of unforgettable memories and great experiences I could confidently say that this was one of my best vacations so far. However there was nothing which could hold back my desire of visiting the German Bakery. It is situated near the Koregaon Park. From time immemorial there has been great vibes about this place on various food blogs across the country. A few posts there caught my attention and I always longed to visit this place. Upon reaching pune this plan was my top notch priority and it kept by curiosity rising exponentially.

German Bakery Pune
German Bakery Pune | Image Resource :

All my expectations were met with phenomenal response by this place. Unlike all other famous food joints this place did not have a patience testing period for its guests. The dishes ordered were presented on the table in a very reasonable time frame. Despite doing lot of research on what to try here, I was left baffled with the choices in the menu and the aroma from the kitchen. My meal here was no less than any feast for I could enjoy a lot of variety of dishes which had flavours from various parts of the globe.

German Bakery
German Bakery | Image Resource :

Salads served here make one of the finest appetizers and course meal for all its visitors and adding to the glory is their massive variety of burgers, hot dogs and wraps. Every dish has a no compromise policy towards hygiene and quality of materials used. Sauces in dishes were so yummy that for a moment I forgot that I thought I was alone in my dining table! Beating the heat is something that keeps various mock tail joints running.

German Bakery in Pune
German Bakery in Pune | Image Resource :

Needless to say this place serves the best beverages ranging from steaming hot cups of refreshing tea to crazy chocolate filled milkshakes. The dishes also come with various add on factors which add lot of specification to the dish. One can choose the bread and select various other options to make meal exciting!


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