Come Witness A Legacy Unraveled By Adventure : The Vetal Tekdi Welcomes You!

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Vetal Hill
Vetal Hill | Image Resource :

The sound of happiness in my drawing room has always been something I have yearned and wanted in life. There is nothing in this world that I can compare to the magic of the time spent amidst calmness. Indeed travelling was my drug but during this course of Pune visit I had found a soft cozy spot in the chambers of my heart and there wasn’t a small excuse that could stop me from pursuing this crazy passion of mine. Trekking was an activity which gave me inner peace and happiness and after visiting the friendship garden I decided to visit the vetal tekdi hills.

Vetal Tekdi Pune
Vetal Tekdi Pune | Image Resource :

Before visiting this place I had done quite a lot of homework regarding its elevated height and other attributes. Undoubtedly this place was the tallest peak of this city and there was always a healthy inflow of enthusiasts attempting to scale this hill.

Vetal Tekdi
Vetal Tekdi | Image Resource :

This spot was a paradise for amateur explorers. There is an adequate provision to test one’s skill of mountain cycling as well in this province. I was inspired by the cravings and stone inscriptions around the temple in these caves. The depictions of the humans and animals had caught the attention of my little one as well. Surprisingly this turned out to be more interesting for him than it proved to be for us.

Vetal Tekdi Pune Sunset
Vetal Tekdi Pune Sunset | Image Resource :

There was a constant cause of worry in mind when I initially thought about this journey. All my concerns were concentric around obtaining quality services with affordable rates. I could say thanks to the great concession I cracked on accommodation which made me cover all the places I wished to visit. Every city has its own specific culinary varieties and in a country which is as diverse as india every traveler could enjoy the best of food at every place. From here I progressed towards my next place to visit which added unique flavors to my tour!


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