Pu la Deshpande Japanese Garden Pune In Spirit Of True Friendship!

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Pune is a city which is supported on majestic pillars economic importance and rich cultural heritage. This city has the prominence of age old tradition which reflects in its ancient architectural brilliance. One of the remarkable places to which I paid a visit in Pune is this magnificent garden. I found this place as a rich cultural backdrop. Stationed in the Sinhaganad road this place is considered as the friendship garden as well.

Pu la Deshpande Japanese Garden Pune
Pu la Deshpande Japanese Garden Pune | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

The ruler of Mysore Tipu Sultan, predecessor of Hyder Ali finished the building of this beautiful garden. The roots of its inscription are due to a 300 year old Okayama-korakku en garden and hence the name which it inherits.

After paying visit to the zoological park I wanted to witness some beautiful greenery and nature’s abundance even more. Hence I decided to pay a visit to this place which has in itself lot of history backing. This place is a pleasant place to spend an evening with your loved ones. There is so much life in the air that circulates here that it might seem like an endless slumber if one would dig in deep into the ambience.

Pu la Deshpande Garden
Pu la Deshpande Garden | Image Resource : siddhesh-k3g.blogspot.com

There is a beautiful water body which fits itself like a perfect fit into a jigsaw piece. As amazing at may sound this place adds the flavor of extraordinariness into the park. From a lake house one can feel the vibes of being a price of a paradise regained.

Pu la Deshpande Garden in Pune
Pu la Deshpande Garden in Pune | Image Resource : flickr.com

I found each side of this park named under the direction of its associativity guarded by huge gates. Each direction and its respective gate contain in itself its own share of physical and cultural importance in association with this park. I was dumbstruck when I witnessed a fantabulous point in this green mainland. It is a lake view point which offered a soothing view of sparkling water under mild sunshine and exotic reflections of flowers with a touch of the magical Pune weather!


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