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Flora and fauna have always been my basic uncompromised priorities whenever I was to plan a vacation. Of all the places I visited special memories of adventure journeys always stuck like glue to the album of my dreams. One such magical place to visit in Pune is the Katraj snake park lake. After checking into the resort this was probably the first place that caught my attention.

Katraj Snake Park Lake Entrance
Katraj Snake Park Lake | Image Resource :

My scope of fascination was well caught by the impeccable nature and its creations. I would spend hours with my camera capturing the ravishing beauty of nature. This national park gave me the right opportunity to witness the perfect balanced harmony between flora and fauna. I witnessed how the coexistence comes into picture from a brighter prospective.

Tigers at Park
Tigers at Park | Image Resource :

The majestic tigers and jumping zebras were indeed an eye candy for any observer, needless to say it attracted my camera lenses and kept them engaged for quite a while. My general knowledge had only read and heard about the rich wildlife potential of India. It was only now that I witnessed something as brilliant as this. I felt I was tuned on to the national geographic with an ultra 3d glass.

The whole journey to the park and sightseeing around the wide range of flora and fauna seemed like a roller coaster ride. My senses were almost knocked on witnessing huge elephants up close, not to forget to mention the scintillating sight of peacocks and ducks that went past by from time to time. This national park was home to the white tigers, Hence it had in itself its own special prominence among various other parks in India. The rare sight of these mammals cannot be described by words.

Katraj Snake Park Lake
Katraj Snake Park Lake | Image Resource :

Taking within me a whole lot of joy and memories wrapped in my camera I reluctantly made my way towards the exit of this park. In pursuit to mark the next milestone of my journey it was important that I wake up from this wonderful dream.


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