A Journey Across Bliss; Train Travel From Mangalore To Pune

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The world often makes a judgment about an individual keeping in mind his profession. Professionally my job was to manage money, Yes accounting was my job skill but there was never an instance when I let my hectic work schedule deter my ardent desire to travel and explore nature. Adventure travel and trekking was my drug and this push kept me hungry to experience more fun. One of the most memorable experiences which are still fresh in my mind frame was the travel from Mangalore in the Ers Pune Express.

Mangalore Junction
Mangalore Junction | Image Resource : flickr.com

Life is discovered when one finds absolute pleasure in what he does, this journey from Mangalore To Pune by the Ers Pune Express, Mangalore Pune Route redefined my approach towards train travel. The whole journey from start to finish was exhilarating. Travelling in train has always been something that kept adrenaline pumping in me.

I love meeting new people and making new friends, this journey was no different. It is always a tough time managing tiny tots during the travel and it also is a difficult task keeping my diet chart under control for the food served in this route would make anybody grab a bite. My concerns of scenic beauty were met with by the spectacular scenic beauty the train travel leads onto.

Ers Pune Express
Ers Pune Express | Image Resource : indiarailinfo.com

The phenomenal locations and amazing greenery during the travel kept me glued to the windows while I enjoyed the best company of few novels. Travelling at various instances by different trains I have always noticed untidy compartments and impromptu services in trains, something about which I was a bit used to but unlike my previous endeavors this instance was special for the train was spick and span( when compared to previous experiences).

Ers Pune Express
Ers Pune Express | Image Resource : indiarailinfo.com

This route from Mangalore To Pune features along special small stations each of which has their own specialty. In a few stations I found different kind of food and a few stations offered the handicraft specialties of that city. The travel turned out to me a remarkable experience for my family. The pantry car in the train offered very decent and hygienic food with a variety of options as well.


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