Make your Trip to Orissa adventurous

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When you think of Orissa, the one thing that comes to your mind is temples. Hence, it is often called as the “State of temples”. However, there is more to this place than just its beautiful temples. It is often seen that most of the tourists visiting this wonderful state would just visit the temple located in different regions of Orissa. This is their idea of a “fun and adventures” trip.

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Orissa Temples

The State of Orissa is located in the eastern coast of India. It is gradually developing into very popular holiday destination of the adventure junkies. The tourism of Orissa offers the visitors with a wide range of adventurous activities and sports. These activities will always keep you on your toes and make the trip to Orissa a lot more fun and exciting. If you love adventure then it is recommended that you start your journey from lovely beaches and gradually move forward to high hills within this region.

Orissa Beaches
Orissa Beaches | Image Resource :

Adventure Activities and Sports:

There is a list of different adventure sports and activities that you can indulge in during your Orissa trip

Trekking trips:

If you love mountain trekking and hiking then Orissa is the perfect place for you. As a trekker, you get to trek up to an altitude that is 1600m high, which is pretty awesome. On such a trekking expeditions, you can also witness the wildlife of Orissa such as spotted deer, monkeys, elephants etc.

According to me, Mahendragiri Trek, Gandhamardan Trek and Nilgiri Trek are amongst the best trekking routes in Orissa. If you are planning such a trip then it is recommended that you plan it between October-January.

Trekking at Orissa
Trekking at Orissa | Image Resource :

Boating and Canoeing:

When it comes to canoeing and boating, the state of Orissa offers some of the best features and activities. Tourists from across the country visit Orissa for its adventurous activities. Locations such as Barkul and Dhabaleswar are amongst the top adventure spots.

Boating at Orissa
Boating at Orissa | Image Resource :


There are various beaches in Orissa that are perfect for surfing. The most popular beaches for surfers are Chandipur Beach and Gopalpur-on-Sea.

These are some of the activities that can make your Orissa trip a lot more fun and exciting.


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