David Scott Trail, Meghalaya – Strange and Unfamiliar Pleasures in the Forest

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On the way back from the Dainthlen Falls, we were very hungry and wanted to have something urgently. A long trekking had made us tired and exhausted. We joined a group of three students, who were camping by the side of a lake. They welcomed us for food and stay at night. I was quite thrilled by this offer for we had longed to camp at this place since the day we came here.

David Scott Trail Meghalaya
David Scott Trail Meghalaya | Image Resource : tripoto.com

We had two more places to visit and we decided to trek with the students through the David Scott trail in the early morning. We started early at six in the morning to reach Ladmawphlong, from where the trail starts. Sir David Scott, a British built this trail connecting Cherrapunji and Bangladesh.

If you are interested in the history, then it is important to explain that this path caused a war between the Khasi tribe and British, which was ultimately won by the British. The David Scott trail stretched about 16 km and it was not easy to trek through it for the path ran steeper at times. Nevertheless, the nature around was astounding and we stopped at a stream to relax and capture some beautiful shots of nature.

Meghalaya Trail
Meghalaya Trail | Image Resource : tripoto.com

Next, we reached the Umiew, which was flowing silently. The water looked crystal clear and we refreshed ourselves washing our face, hands and legs. The sacred groves looked greener and more beautiful. We spotted a few species of birds and insects there. I wanted to stay there for some more time, but it was not advisable because the trekking will be difficult if it becomes dark.

Being a small group we walked enthusiastically talking about every new thing we confronted. The trail looked forlorn for anyone who wanted to see some human habitat. And if you are alone, the trek would surely be scary. Nevertheless, I felt the good part of the trail was, it was straight without any turns.

David Scott Trail Meghalaya
David Scott Trail Meghalaya | Image Resource : amazonaws.com

After some five hours of trekking, we reached the foothill in Mawphlang village. We stopped at the stream there to freshen up and proceeded to the nearby eatery to have some food. From there we found a transport to reach Cherrapunji town and to our room.


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