Dainthlen Falls, Meghalaya – Falling Noiselessly and Smoothly Ever

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The long walk through the sacred groves made us completely exhausted that we slept early after dinner in the cottage. The Khasi food was good with momo (dumplings), jadoh and tungriymbal, which were rice pulao and fermented soya bean dish respectively. I wanted to taste kapa, a meat dish, but couldn’t for it was not available.

Dainthlen Falls
Dainthlen Falls | Image Resource : flickr.com

We started to our next destination at nine in the morning. The Dainthlen Falls was located nearby at a distance of about 5 km. It was raining lightly and was ideal for trekking. We walked along the road towards Sohra and turned right to reach the fall.

Surprisingly, we didn’t hear any sound of the water falling from the hills. Nevertheless, we saw the soft and swift flow of the water, which was stunningly beautiful. The drizzling still made it picturesque. The surroundings were strikingly green and fresh. I could hardly take my eyes off the waterfall, which made the whole place tranquil.

One of the local people initiated to explain the mythology behind how this waterfall derived its name. ‘Thlen’ in Khasi is a giant python snake, which lived in the cave and caused fear to the people. Enough of it, people gathered together, caught the snake and slaughtered it placing on the rock near the waterfall. The ancients believe that the marks seen on the rocks are the scars caused while demon snake was slaughtered.

We had a good look at the waterfall, which doesn’t look falling from the heights. Unlike the other waterfalls, which plunge down deep with a roaring sound, the Dainthlen waterfalls were noiseless and flowed smoothly. My friends wanted to explore the nature around and we climbed the hills further up from where the view was quite amazing.

Khasi cute kid
Khasi Cute Kid | Image Resource : upload.wikimedia.org

After spending some more time at the waterfalls, we climbed down. On the way, we found a few selling fruits and betel leaves. We bought some betel leaves to chew because I had not known how it would taste and frankly speaking, I wanted to for I had seen most of the people in Meghalaya chewing betel leaves from the day I reached here.


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