Mawsmai Cave Meghalaya- An Unusual Treat In the Middle of Forests and Waterfalls

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Meghalaya boasts of a number of lengthy caves, with most of them being in the Khasi Hills and the Jaintia Hills. It is also gifted with the longest cave unit of the country. Our next destination was one such cave which is named as Mawsmai Caves and is considered to be the most easily accessible caves for travellers till date. We knew that we could completely explore the cave without the help of a guide. But since we were visiting the place for the first time and unsure of what lay ahead, we decided to hire an expert guide.

Meghalaya Mawsmai  Caves
Meghalaya Mawsmai Caves | Image Resource :

It is believed that Mawsmai Caves are the best caves to get you introduced in the state’s numerous cave systems. We were extremely excited and wanted to explore the adventure that was waiting for us in the underground world.

It wasn’t very far away from Cerrapunjee and took us about 20 minutes to reach there by car and that too due to the wet and rough terrains. Before reaching the caves, we had to drive through lush golden coloured field having autumnal grassland. We could then spot a hill with a small groove and being surrounded by dense trees. After the crossing the trees, we finally reached the Mawsmai Caves.

Glowing caves of Mawsmai
Glowing caves of Mawsmai I Image Resource :

The entrance to the caves left us a bit surprised. It boasts of one of the most lavish parking spaces at such a height. What is more surprising is the presence of rows of shops selling various items on either sides.

We bought four tickets in order to enter the cave system. All four of us and the guide entered together through the big opening but suddenly it narrowed down. The guide told us that the journey through the cave is a one way route. We would be coming out at a different site later on. We came across places where we had to literally squeeze and bend ourselves in order to continue. We were lucky that we had an expert guide with us who enabled us to take care of the suffocation problems. We had to slow down since the channel was continuously getting narrower. The presence of electricity however made the task a bit easy.


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