The Legend of Nohkalikai Falls, Meghalaya and its Beauty

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The Mawlynnong village was spotlessly clean and green all around. We were thrilled by the spectacular foliage all over that we wanted to enjoy nature in its full. The long trekking through the jungles had made us exhausted and we wanted to have a break, so we booked a standard double room with an extra bed at a holiday resort, which offered accessibility to many of the attractions.

The room was adequately furnished with tile floorings; nevertheless, we were not bothered about the comfort because we were too tired to think about it. We got up early in the morning because we had a tight schedule trekking to a few more wonderful places. The next in the line of itinerary was the Nohkalikai Falls Meghalaya, which is located nearby from our stay.

nohkalikai falls meghalaya
Nohkalikai falls Meghalaya | Image Resource :

The Nohkalikai Falls has the highest plunge of fall and one among the top five waterfalls in the country. The morning was ideal for trekking through the winding paths and we reached the fall without any difficulty. As told to us the water was raging, but during the monsoon, its force is unimaginable.

Nohkalikai falls sign board
Nohkalikai falls information board | Image Resource :

The view of the waterfall from the distance was marvelous, while the rocks behind added to the beauty of the place. I could feel the crashing of the water deep onto the rocks from the height of approximately 350 meters. There was a pool of water, which looked green, below formed by the plunge.

tribal kids in meghalaya
Tribal kids in Meghalaya | Image Resource :

The Nohkalikai Falls has a story behind its name. According to the legend, a Khasi woman called Likai lived in a small village, Rangjyrteh, which was near the falls. Since her husband died, Likai, who had an infant girl, had to marry again. Adding to it, she had to work as a porter to make a living. She left for work every day living her infant daughter at home unattended for a long time.

She would return every day to take care of her child and spent most of the day at home. Likai’s husband who felt unattended was jealous and furious. He killed the infant and cooked the meat and fed Likai, who unknowingly ate it. Later, she found it and in the rage of anger jumped into the falls. Thus, the name Nohkalikai means “Jump of Ka Likai”.


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