Mawlynnong Waterfall Meghalaya – A Place Enticingly Beautiful

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Mawlynnong Waterfall Meghalaya
Mawlynnong Waterfall Meghalaya | Image Resource :

Being a nature lover, I have never been so much inspired by any place other than Mawlynnong village in Meghalaya. Our last sightseeing place was mind-blowing and it was still fresh in my memory. I have read about Khasi tribes and the villages in Meghalaya. Before starting our trip to Cherrapunjee, we packed a few dresses because we knew we had to camp somewhere at the East Khasi Hills.

True to our thoughts and beliefs, we had to stay for more trekking and sightseeing in Cherrapunjee. For many reasons hard to explain, I couldn’t leave the place of Mawlynnong because it was picturesque and more than above, the cleanest village, I have ever visited any in the country. This North East Indian village, which overlooks the Bangladesh border, was awarded the ‘Best cleanest village in Asia’ by the Discover India Magazine, UNESCO, National Geographic and BBC.

Mawlynnong village Meghalaya
Mawlynnong village in Meghalaya | Image Resource :

Used to trekking, we walked through the forest enjoying the greenery around. On the way, we walked on two of the root bridges to cross the stream. Even the forest looked clean with the tribal community working hard to maintain it. I saw a few betel leaf farms on the way and a few children trying to sell betel leaves to tourists.

Walking further we reached Mawlynnong waterfalls; the entire place was breathtakingly beautiful. The evergreen sacred forests and the colorful orchids around were a treat to watch. I was told that these forests are preserved traditionally through religious sanctions over the years. I watched every part of grove, which exhibited full of life with tall trees and flowering plants, insects, butterflies, birds, many others.

Since the monsoon was active, the water fall was quite enormous and falling deep about 100 meters. I picked up a few angles to capture the beauty of the falls. From there we trekked through another path to reach the Mawlynnong village. On the way, we found a natural stream, which looked hidden with thick vegetation around. My friends and I had an immediate liking for a bath and stepped in the water wearing a towel.

The water was very cold and looked very clean flowing from the hills. A few dips made us quite rejuvenating.


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