Taraporewala Aquarium Mumbai – A Whole New World!

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After visiting the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, my next destination was all the way across the town to Marine line to visit the recently opened Taraporewala Aquarium. Since it was recently reopened it was on my to-do list in Mumbai, after also being recommended by my friends. It is now considered to be one of the top tourist destinations in Mumbai.

Taraporewala aquarium entrance Mumbai
Taraporewala aquarium entrance Mumbai | Image Resource : onedaypicnic.in

The Aquarium is open from 10:00 am – 7:00 pm on (Weekdays), and from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm, on Sundays and Public holidays. The aquarium is closed on Mondays. Thus to the weekend rush on Sundays, after much speculation I decided to visit the aquarium on Thursday afternoon.

Since it happened to be relatively closer to my hotel at Colaba, I decided to take a bus to the aquarium. After enquiring at the front desk, I got to know that there is a bus route which would take me from Colaba to marine and stops directly opposite the Taraporewala Aquarium Mumbai. The bus journey was a easy one, but due to the heavy traffic in Mumbai it took me almost 20 minutes to reach the short distance.

Upon reaching the aquarium, I realized, there was a small queue for the tickets. The entry charges are Rs 60 for adults and 30 for children. After waiting for about 7-10 minutes in queue it was my turn. After paying and receiving the ticket the personnel gestured to toward the entrance.

At the entrance, I was greeted by an exhibit of a whale skeleton. The main hall of the aquarium has two sections. Upon entering the aquarium to feel as if we have entered a whole new world, it is exceptionally intriguing.

Time flies by at the Taraporewala Aquarium Mumbai

Taraporewala fish aquarium in Mumbai
Taraporewala fish aquarium in Mumbai | Image Resource : ytimg.com

The aquarium stocks around 80 species of which, including fresh water fishes like Piranhas and Fresh water sharks, turtles and catfish. It also houses several interesting variety of salt water varieties such as the Puffer, Sting Rays, octopus and Sea snake all making for a very fascinating sight. One of the varieties which really caught my eye was the Sea Anemone, it is very difficult to miss it since it is placed at entrance itself. Their appearances are descriptive because they appear like a flower but in nature are quite predatory.

Upon reaching the end I didn’t realize that I had spent almost 2 hours here. The aquarium has several LED boards which provide the information about the various species present there, Thus making for an interesting read as well as being very informative!


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