Fashion Street Mumbai Can Easily Beat Any Designer Stores In International Destinations!

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Apart from Bollywood, Mumbai is also known for its street shopping. Touted as India’s Fashion Capital, Mumbai is one of the few places in India where one can get the best of both that is Luxury shopping as well as street or budget shopping.

One of the most popular street shopping destinations in Mumbai is the fashion street. It comes highly recommended from travel blogs as well as from my interaction with people living in Mumbai. Thus on a quiet evening I decided to stroll through the fashion street and find out what the fuss is all about!

True to its name Fashion Street Mumbai has about 100 stalls spread across the length of the road, offering everything from clothes, shoes, to watches and bags too. The clothes available here are enough to give a good departmental store a run for their money. The stalls at Fashion Street house everything from traditional Indian wear to western wear. There were several shops offering jeans in all sizes, and styles, and if by any chance the available sizes do not fit you, the vendors happily alter it to your measurement within 10 minutes with a minimal charge of Rs. 10/-

fashion street mumbai
Fashion Street Mumbai | Image Resource :

Be sure to bargain at Fashion street Mumbai

There are various kinds of souvenirs which are available at the stalls here, the model of the gateway of India, or the sea link etc are all available at very pocket friendly price.

What really caught my eye was a vendor selling, leather bags and belts. He had a very good collection of bags and wallets. I choose one for myself and decided to ask the price. At some point during my conversation with the vendor, he asked where I was from, this instantly surprised me because all throughout my journey this was the first time someone picked up that I wasn’t from Mumbai, I asked him why he asked so. He replied that I talk in a different way, not use the Bumbaya Hindi. After chatting with him for another five minutes I finalized a prize for the wallet I liked and moved on.

leather bags at fashion street mumbai
Leather Bags at Fashion Street Mumbai | Image Resource :

All in all it was a good experience, but one important thing to remember while shopping at Fashion Street or for that matter any other street shopping place in Mumbai, one must thoroughly bargain with the vendors in order not to be cheated.


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