Elephanta Caves Mumbai – A Visit To The Popular World Heritage Sight

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The new day, bring along with a new place to visit. Next on my to-do list in Mumbai was the Elephanta Caves, located in south Mumbai so travelling to Elephanta Caves was relatively easier.

Gateway of India
Gateway of India | Image Resource : digitalcameraworld.com

To reach the Elephanta Caves, there are several launches (boats) which ply to and fro the gateway of India to the Elephanta Caves Island. The launches start ferrying from 9 am till 5 in the evening. The timing of elephant Caves is almost similar to that of the launches.

Since the launches start from Apollo, I decide to take a cab from the hotel to the Gateway of India. Due to the early morning hours, the roads were pretty much empty and I reached the destinations within minutes.

Gateway Of India in Mumbai
Gateway Of India in Mumbai | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

The launch fee is Rs 110 for the return Journey, and since I wanted a deck seat to enjoy the view, they charged me Rs. 10 extra. Elephanta Caves Mumbai being a major tourist site is open on all days, and stays open from 9 am to 5 pm.

The launch ride to Elephanta Caves Mumbai is as fascinating as the caves itself

The boat journey takes about an hour and 10 minutes, but with thehttps://indianwanderers.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.php amazing sea view, time fled by quickly. Apart from the caves the journey itself is an enjoyable experience. There are plenty of sea gulls flocking across the sea, hovering near the boat in search of food. The big cruises and several ships also made for an interesting sight.

The actual Caves were made of seven rocks cut into caves, upon the first glance it is difficult to make out the structure. The first cave is one of the most important one, it is dedicated to Lord Shiva in various postures and depicting several incidents about him.

Sculptures at the Elephanta Caves
Sculptures at the Elephanta Caves | Image Resource : wondermondo.com

Most of the Sculptures at the Elephanta Caves were very badly disfigured so that it is really difficult to make out anything.  But the guides expertly point towards a major symbol and help identify the various sculptures and their details. One of the panels was so strongly destroyed that I could barely make out the outlines.

I wandered some more around the cave but  not finding anything  more of interest decided to head back to the hotel.


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