Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai – An Art Lovers Paradise!

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I am not a particularly art lover, but I can definitely appreciate a good piece. Since my visit at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya was over within an hour, I had the rest of the day free. Since the Jehangir Art Gallery is just next door, it practically shares a wall with the museum it made complete sense for me to visit it.

Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai
Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai | Image Resource :

While walking towards the entry gate of the Jehangir art gallery Mumbai, I noticed there were several vendors, selling some pretty interesting stuff. One of the vendors dealt with coins from the Mughal Era, – Dham, upon enquiring I was told a single Dham would cost me Rs. 250/-. Going further there was another vendor who made portraits, looking at the various portraits of famous personalities; I too was tempted but eventually decided to give it a miss!

Jehangir art gallery Mumbai more than just an art gallery

Paintings at Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai
Paintings at Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai | Image Resource :

The Entry to the gallery is free; it is inwardly turned and has 4 different exhibition halls displaying collection on both sides. On the ground floor there was a multi-artist exhibition which showcases various paintings of various genres from upcoming artists.
Next I headed towards the first floor, where the entire space was dedicated to a particular Punjabi artist. The walls were adorned with bright color paintings. The artist was present there perfectly guiding visitors and explain the nuances of his paintings. Interacting with him for a few minutes I found him to be a typical open-hearted Punjabi, and fun-loving person. He told me about his interesting transition from the corporate world to paintings.

Samovar Café Mumbai
Samovar Café Mumbai | Image Source :

An interesting addition to the art gallery is the Samovar Café. It is situated right inside the Jehangir Art Gallery; some of the interesting facts about this café are that it maintains its own self-published history in the form of a book written by one of its founders. The café offers an interesting mix of parathas, roti roll, kebabs and dahi wadas… prices of which are very steep!
Another interesting part of the Jehangir art Gallery is the “Natesans” which is one of the oldest antique dealers in India. They now have outlets across the country. There are an interesting range of antiques offered by them which include Sculptures, paintings, furniture etc.



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