Essel World Mumbai – A Place Filled With Thrill, Fun And Entertainment!

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Ever since I saw the advertisement of Essel World on television, I was intrigued and had planned on visiting it whenever I visited Mumbai. So after the Siddhivinayak temple, next on my to-do list in Mumbai was visiting Mumbai’s largest amusement park- Essel World.

Entry gate Essel World Mumbai
Entry gate Essel World Mumbai | Image Resource :

I had done prior research on how to reach and the other details of Essel World Mumbai so I had a basic idea. Since my hotel was in Colaba, Essel World was quite far, it is located at the other end of town so in order to reach Essel World there was a lot travelling involved. But what better way to explore the city than travel in various modes of transport.

Since the most recommended and time saving way of transport to reach Essel World was through train, I took a fast train from church gate station to Borivali. Upon reaching Borivali I had to take a further auto rickshaw ride to reach Gorai beach, and then take a twenty minute ferry ride to reach my destination. The ferry ride was an intriguing experience and it gave me a chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the waters of Mumbai.

Essel World Mumbai – Helped me relive my childhood!

The entry fee to Essel World is Rs, 600/- there are plenty of discounts for large groups and yearly passes. At the ticket counter they checked my bag for any eatables, and handed a map of the place.

Roller Coaster Essel World Mumbai
Roller Coaster Essel World Mumbai | Image Resource :

The map came in very handy because the place is huge, filled with rides for children as well as adults. At the entrance itself the fun started, it there was a band and several cartoon characters welcoming the guests.

As I kept walking the initial rides were all meant for kids, the Big apple ride, the convoy truck, Bull ride etc. The ride which I really was interested is the roller coaster, which was located at the middle of the park, and soon it was my turn to enjoy a thrilling ride.

Essel World Shot N Drop
Essel World Shot N Drop | Image Resource : Youtube

Apart from the roller coaster, I enjoyed several other rides such as the rainbow, thunder, dashing cars, the water splash. They all were very pleasurable and helped me have a complete stress free and amazing day.


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