Mangalore To Mumbai Trains : An Exciting Journey To An Exciting Place!

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In my 27 years of life, I have travelled a lot both nationally as well as internationally but there has never been a chance to visit Mumbai. I always felt that what’s the point in visiting a city, people usually travel to avoid the cluster of the city to refresh themselves and I also had a similar opinion. Thus my travel destinations over the years always included many places of tourist attractions and hill stations, etc.

But recently one of my colleagues had visited Mumbai, and couldn’t stop raving about the city, thereby insisted that I should also visit it. Thus during this impulsive moment I decide to at least book a train ticket dating 3 weeks ahead. So using the popular travel app, I searched for Mangalore to Mumbai Trains and came across almost 55 train options.

Mangalore to Mumbai Trains
Mangalore to Mumbai Trains | Image Resource :

Mangalore to Mumbai Train- A long journey passed very quickly

Choosing my preferred option was easy, I chose the Mumbai express because of its convenient timings. The train started from Mangalore Junction at around 2pm and arrived at the CST station in Mumbai at 4:30 the next day. I reserved a three tier AC ticket by the app itself.  I planned so because reaching Mumbai during the middle of the night would help me save a day.

CST station in Mumbai
CST station in Mumbai | Image Resource :

Since it was off season the train wasn’t booked to capacity, and several of the seats in my coach were vacant. It was lunch time and several vendors came offering a variety of delicacies. The train journey passed quickly, in midst of conversation, music and reading. The time spent in the  train helped me to catch up on my reading.

As the day progressed into night, it was time for dinner, this time again the vendors came to take our orders. I decided to have a veg pulao. After dinner the passengers were given blankets and pillows. This facility is only available to those who travel in the AC class.

I found it incredibly difficult to sleep because though the train was quite empty the fellow passengers were very disturbing. Even with ear plugs I could still hear a baby wailing, several aunties arguing or gossiping. As we reached closer to Mumbai, I could smell the sea in the cool breeze, which further took away my sleep.


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