Red Hills Lake Chennai : Picturesque Scenery With Relaxing And Calming Experience

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Red Hills Lake Chennai
Red Hills Lake Chennai | Image Resource :

After the fun rides at VGP Universal Kingdom I was ready for my visit to the Red Hills Lake Chennai. This beautiful is also called the Puzhal Lake and it is situated in Ponneri Taluk, in the district of Thiruvallur, in the state of Tamil Nadu. In this place there are two reservoirs which are rain-fed and this Red Hills lake is one of them. To supply water to the city of Chennai the water is drained from here and also from the other reservoir the Lake Chembarambakkam.

Red Hill
Red Hill | Image Resource :

During the earlier British times this lake was used for irrigation purposes and the land here was used as a sort of military base camp. It was also an airport to make takeoff and also for landing purpose for the water planes. The floating water vessels and water crafts were brought inside through the ramp made of concrete. I could see the remains of these endeavors even now. To look back into time and imagine such things so vividly is an exhilarating experience.

The military men had a bungalow to stay, a theatre, a tennis court and also a swimming pool. This lake was built as a reservoir in the year 1876 and at the start it was only a very small tank having little capacity of water but later this was extended to its present water capacity.

The water quality has been checked to assess whether it is suitable for consumption as drinking water and it has been found adequate for human consumption. The beautiful lake is very pleasing to look at. I was mesmerized by its soothing and calm waters. Nestled amongst the picturesque scenery and exquisite atmosphere the scenic beauty seems magnificent and extraordinary. My camera could not stop clicking such lovely pictures. I had taken with myself a picnic basket and I enjoyed eating in such relaxing surroundings.

Sunset At Red Hill
Sunset At Red Hill | Image Resource :

The visit to Red Hills Lake Chennai had been a wonderfully relaxing and calming experience. The visit has helped me find peace and also helped me in rejuvenating myself. Today I was a mentally free person with no worries as looking at the serene lake made my life at peace also.


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