VGP Universal Kingdom Chennai : A Fun Experience by Going Back In To Time.

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After the amazing experience at the Golden Beach I was to visit the VGP Universal Kingdom Chennai today. It is situated in the road called East Coast and is located in the city of Chennai and in the state of Tamil Nadu.

VGP Universal Kingdom Chennai
VGP Universal Kingdom Chennai | Image Resource :

This amusement park has become a full-fledged fun park for the adventure seekers. The adults enjoy the rides as much as the younger generation and the children who are the main crowds of this park. The opening time of the park is 10.00 AM for all days from Monday to Sunday but the closing time varies as it is 7.30 PM for Saturdays and Sundays. This is mainly because the weekends pull huge amount of crowds. For the rest of the days from Mondays to Friday the closing time is 6.30 PM. The entry fee also varies according to age and the packages.

Lazy River
Lazy River | Image Resource :

There is a basic package which is suitable for the adults and it includes twelve rides including the entry fee and that is Rs 225 per person. For the children this basic package includes sixteen rides and the fee is Rs 175 per child.

There is also a super saver pack with the fee for adults being Rs 325 and for the children being Rs 250. The most preferred is the Giant Saver pack which has all rides free including the entry and that comes at Rs 425 for adults and Rs 325 for children. There is an additional surcharge of Rs 10 for still camera, Rs 50 for Handycam and Rs 2000 for Video Cameras. Outside food is not allowed inside the park premises and the use of cigarette, alcohol and gutka is strictly banned. There are a variety of rides like Baby Train, Twister, Jumping Frog, Orbiter, Joy Train, Parachute Adventure, Trampoline and Go Racer for the children. The rides for youths include Super Trooper, Dashing Cars, Roller Coaster and Rodeo Bull and the family rides include Ferris Wheels, Balloon Racer and Flying Machine. Film shooting and live shows are also held here.

I enjoyed my visit to the VGP Universal Kingdom Chennai very much as I was remembering my childhood. It was surely a great experience as I took many photographs and ate a lot of food items. I was ready to return back to the hotel and plan the next part of my journey to the Red Hills Lake Chennai.


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