Golden Beach Chennai : Well Maintained And World’s Second Longest Beach

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After the trip to the National Park and witnessing varied flora and fauna, I came to Golden Beach Chennai. This place is well known all the world as the world’s second longest beach and a lot of people visit this place from all around the world.

After reaching the place, I got excited and ready to unpack stuff and go and lie down at a good place in the beach and then enjoy the waves of the mighty Bay of Bengal. I didn’t waste time and unpacked my luggage and rushed to change clothes and enjoy the sun. I spent most of the time lying down under the umbrella on the beach which was a good relaxing experience and after this I tried making a few things out of sand. I always dreamt of making a perfect castle out of sand from a very small age and then I got the opportunity to try my hand at it.

Sunrise At Golden Beach
Sunrise At Golden Beach | Image Resource :

It seemed easy in the start but with time I realized that it is very hard but with loads of dedication and concentration and a bit of luck, I was able to pull the rabbit out of the hat by which I mean that I was able to make a nice beautiful castle out of sand. The next target on my mind was a nice dip in the sea with waves pulling me back. So I went ahead with the plan and took a good dip and waves crashed on me and the experience was insane and I totally loved the time spent in waters. The best part about the beach was the fact that it had many features like they provided people with shower option. I used the same after the dip in the sea to avoid getting contaminated anyway from the sea water and this helped a lot.

I really loved the time spent at the Golden Beach Chennai and those moments will surely be remembered by me all my life. With that, the time at beach ended for me as I did everything I had planned. The next destination which I had planned to go was not far away from the beach and so I started walking to the next location.


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