Guindy National Park Chennai : Securing a Variety of Flora and Fauna

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The next stop in my journey was an exciting place to be in which is very evident from its name and it was the Guindy National Park Chennai. The park comes 8th in terms of smallest size of National Parks in this country India. It is also located within the city between the government building of Raj Bhavan and the student education center of IIT Madras.

The park is very popular and draws about millions of visitors from all over the world and all throughout the year. A variety of flora and fauna have been preserved inside the premises of the park which had been walled off a few decades ago so as to demarcate the land of the education campus from the park area. The flora in the park included a wide variety of trees, bushes, shrubs and herbs which are actually very rare to find and are not easily available. Otherwise the fauna includes various types of animals from small ones like the squirrels and mongoose to large ones which include deer of various types and most popular ones being the spotted deer and black buck.

Spotted Deer
Spotted Deer | Image Resource :

Otherwise the place also houses various insects of innumerable species like ants, earthworms, scorpions to name a few. When I entered in the park, I requested for a safari deep within the jungle but was not allowed by the officials present there. But after a few requests they gave me the permission to go deep within, but I had to take a forest ranger along with myself who would watch on things and also keep an eye on me.

Monkey | Image Resource :

It was great fun going deep within the forest and I was able to see many animals of various types living peacefully in their habitat. After the trip within, I went forward to the snake park where various snakes like pythons and cobras were kept safe and for enjoyment of the visitors. Then I went to the children park which was a small zoo housing a few animals so that visitors can have a proper look at them. Guindy National Park Chennai was a great visit for me and with this I decided to move to the next phase in my journey.


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