Arginar Anna Zoology Park Chennai – Habitation of the Most Precious Creatures

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With a distinct identity of being the first public zoo in the country, Arginar Anna Zoology Park Chennai is a prominent zoo in India. With over 1500, species different species of animals there are also 50 endangered species that the state of Tamil Nadu takes special care for their breed and development related matters. The historical exhibit revealed the history of the zoo to me. It was earlier Nawab of Carnatic’s personal animal collection and on the persuasion of Edward Green Balfour, it began as a public zoo.

Arginar Anna Zoology Park Chennai
Arginar Anna Zoology Park Chennai | Image Resource :

With numerous difficulties from both hunters and the natural calamities, Arginar Anna Zoology Park Chennai has changed its place thrice yet. It finally settled to Vandular Reserve Forest on the outskirts of the city, which keeps the zoology park undisturbed from the urban lifestyle. It is a zoo as well as a wildlife sanctuary along with a rehabilitation centre for the rescued animals and birds. Birds and animals, which are not physically well, were given special nourishment and planned diet.

The main goal of the management is to spread the awareness and appreciation of wildlife among people. The zoo exhibits were mainly spread along three inner roads where I spotted some tigers, panthers and different species of monkeys and birds too. The Lion, elephant and deer safari provided some perfect glimpse of beautiful and amazing animals in this next to natural habitat. There are two parts of the sanctuary, one was aviaries and the other was walk-through aviaries within the zoo complex range.

The zoo also opened a teaching programme by which I did a volunteer work of feeding the birds. It was scary for me because the large ostrich did not seem much pleased with their bowl of food in the hands of unprofessional. In all the wild and adventurous things I have done yet, it topped it all. Nevertheless, it was an unforgettable moment that lasted only for few hours. With adequate facilities increasing, day by day the animals are indeed the safest place between the humans. I gained much knowledge about animals and their environment from the zoology park of Chennai.


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