Birla Planetarium Chennai – Watch the Universe Closely

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The fully computerized system of Birla Planetarium makes it special than the rest of the planetarium museums. It was the largest planetarium in Chennai, which provided a virtual tour of the night sky and cosmic shows on a specially perforated hemispherical dome. Birla Planetarium Chennai is located inside the campus of Periyar Science and Technology centre.

Birla Planetarium Chennai
Birla Planetarium Chennai | Image Resource :

The most outstanding quality of Birla planetarium which I found was the housing of eight galleries named as Physical Science, Electronics and Communication, Energy, Life Science, Innovation, Transport and International doll and children material. With all these galleries together, there are total 500 exhibits. Built back in 1998 it is still the most advanced and most modern planetarium in India.

Birla Planetarium Chennai was built in the memory of B.M Birla who was an industrial tycoon and idealistic person of India. The display of the indoor universe did make me feel that I was right in the middle of Milky Way. Its astronomical phenomena recreated the whole universe. The show simply carried me to the whole of space. From planets formation to constellation, it described everything thoroughly.

Birla Planetarium Chennai Inside View
Birla Planetarium Chennai Inside View | Image Resource :

This is an excellent learning opportunity for students and physicists. Moreover, it is not limited any person like me who does not know a thing or two about the universe and its working can surely enjoy themselves here. With the special features, the thought of expensive seats did struck in my but it was not the case. The tickets were really economical and it was worth spending it. I came to know our living planet and our worlds beyond it.

Development of scientific technologies has given a much-needed exposure to the humans about the moon; comets, universe and mainly it supplied with an adequate answer to the question of are we alone in the whole gigantic universe. Few hours in the planetarium passes like seconds. I thought to watch the whole show again, but being on a tight schedule, I faced some difficulties in my trip. Nevertheless, trip to India’s most advanced technological centre was a memorable day for me. I came back to my hotel and started the preparation of the new tour.


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