Anchor Hotel Chennai – Affordable and Yet Luxurious

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Anchor hotel Chennai was my accommodating place I found it through my hotel deals app. The place was located near the railway station and it was easy to find, as it is a prominent landmark there. It was easy to find a room for stay because it was not the peak season then. The hotel staffs offered best hospitality and were polite. They made the customers feel satisfied and believe that it was indeed the best place to stay. The comfortable rooms with affordable prices created a magnetic force to attract customers. It had well furnished rooms with the architectural facilities too. Modern amenities were also supplied in the room so that the customer staying there does not have any trouble.

Anchor Hotel Chennai
Anchor Hotel Chennai

I went up the terrace to get a view of Chennai. As the hotel was located in the middle of the city, every corner of the city was visible from there. It was also located near the Marina Beach which was also a reason why tourists look for this hotel instead of the five star luxurious ones. The cold breeze with a slight blend of misty air was outstanding. Facilities like TV, fridge mini bar and internet access were available for the customers within the affordable price range.

Cleanliness is next to godliness. I think the hotel follows the same principal. From sparkling bathroom tiles, corridor walls, and even doors and windows in the hotel, everything was completely neat. Another quality point of the hotel was that it was located in such a direction that sunlight could penetrate.

I loved the idea of entrance of sunlight because instead of the artificial lights I would prefer the natural lights. It provides the adequate amount of comfort needed. As the Anchor hotel Chennai was located in the middle of the city, it was easy to get transportation for anywhere. I would be referring about anchor hotel and its comfortable rooms to all my friends, family and colleague. This relaxing hotel was the perfect base to start my journey. I was ready to roam around the city for sightseeing. It is said that every good deed should start from God and so I began my journey from Kapaleeswarar Temple.


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