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For most popular attraction in the city, I went to look at the Government Museum Chennai. It is popular sightseeing location and one of the oldest museums of India. Formerly known as Pantheon Complex during the British time, it houses Government museum, public library and the National Art Gallery at present. The sections for zoology, anthropology and geology were quiet impressive too. However, the best exhibits for me were contemporary artefacts and prehistoric findings and sculptures.

Divided into six main galleries, this museum has everything to offer. I started my tour of Government Museum Chennai from archaeology section, which was completely outstanding. It contained both South Indian and North Indian Sculpture gallery with separate exhibit of the Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa civilization. It demonstrated the existence of the civilization with the evidence like coins, arrows and sculptors. Hindu Sculptor was also a part of the exhibit. After archaeology department, I moved to numismatics exhibit.

I was amazed by the stamps collection, which were almost hundred years old. Picture and portraits of the discovery of numerical numbers were also there for tourist’s attraction. Apart from the archaeology department, people also liked the zoology section. It consists of reptile galleries, bird galleries, mammals and fish galleries and the foreign animal’s galleries too. With relevant information about every animal, bird or fish species, this government museum is the centre of children field trip.

It also increases the awareness among the people about the increasing rates of encroachments and illegal fishing along with educating of juniors in our country. General geology and economic geology were the two main parts of geology department. As a trekking and camping admirer it was a necessity for me to check the geology department and know more about the different places of hiking and the atmospheric conditions with it. On my way back to the exit gate, I looked around and recapitulated the entire place so that I take some memories with me. It was an end for me at the government museum and started a new one at Arignaranna Zoological Park which is also located in the city of Chennai.


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