Kapaleeswar Temple Chennai – Holiness Has No End

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Located in Mylapore, Kapaleeswar temple Chennai is a temple of lord Shiva. The temple name was derived from the Kapal which means head and Eeswar which is the alias of Lord Shiva. This peaceful temple is believed to be the one the oldest and most revered holy places in the city. The noticeable point about the temple is that it is an emblem for Dravidian style of architecture with giant towers locally known as Gopuram. The architectural and the structural design are relatable to designs of the 16th century. Lord Shiva wife, goddess Parvatiis also worshipped here in the incarnation of Goddess Karpagambal that refers to the Goddess of Wish-Yielding Tree.

Kapaleeswar Temple Chennai
Kapaleeswar Temple Chennai | Image Resource : chennaibest.com

As I entered the temple, the first thing I saw was the sculpture of the holy saint Gnanasambandar. The noticeable fact of the temple was its long 37 metres tall tower, which overpowered the temple side of the street. As I proceeded towards the courtyards, there was a holy punnai tree, which is one of the oldest trees in the city of Chennai. There is a holy story behind this temple.

According to the puranas, during the meeting of Brahma and Shiva, Brahma fails to show respect to Lord Shiva at the top of the mount kailash. Because of this ill-treatment, Lord Shiva plucks off one of Brahma’s head. After realising the miskate, Brahma comes down to Mylapore and adds the place with Sukra Puri, Veda Puri, Kailaye Mayilai and Mayilaikailaye which means the place is as holy and gracious as Kailash. Another interesting fact that I came to know is that, during the Friday worship, the statue of the goddess Karpagambalis decorated with a garland of gold coins and the natives call it a KaasuMaala.

Kapaleeswar Temple Chennai is a divine place. The hymns sound inside the temple did make me feel holy and virtuous. After completing the worshipping in the temple, it was the end of my journey at this saint place. I went straight back to my hotel and packed the parshad (food offered to people after it is given to God) for my family and friends. My next stop was the government museum in Chennai.


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