Chennai Express – Journey to Gateway of South India

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Awesome is as awesome does. This twisted saying is my manifesto. With my passion for excursion, I have travelled major attractions of India and this was the time for train travel from Mangalore to Chennai by Chennai express. I had no time to waste, because I was already late for my train and thought I would miss the train. But surprisingly, I got on the train comfortably. Maybe it was my destined for me or maybe it was just my luck, but anyhow I got on the train.

Chennai Express
Chennai Express | Image Resource :

I took the Chennai express around four in the afternoon from Mangalore central station. I just peeked from the window and loved the picturesque out there. It was truly incredible. I was a bit tensed because the start of my journey was that not that great but I believed that if something has to happen it would happen by any means. For this time, I just had to sit back and enjoy the moment.

There were various stops by the train from time to time but it stopped mainly at Shoranur junction. As a foodie, I went to eat the delicious items on the platform, as it was a long stop in the destination. Then I got back on the train. After the slow movements from Shoranur junction, the Chennai Express did gain some speed.

The movie Chennai express of Deepika and Shahrukh also did rewind in my mind the moment I was in the train. Nevertheless, luckily I had no encounter with such people of Chennai Express. However, the sad part of the story was that I was not able to meet Deepika too. Leaving all those thoughts behind, I stepped down to the platform at nine in the night from the tain that was scheduled to reach at eight. The train travel from Mangalore to Chennai by Chennai Express was fascinating with new places to look around and the joy of new city was an icing on the cake. After the tiring train journey, I took a cab to reach my accommodation place, which was the Anchor hotel. After reaching my room, I kept my luggage aside and had some rest.


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