War Memorial Vishakhapatnam – A Must Visit Place for Everyone

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It was close to sunset, but we were eager to explore another site that was located on the RK beach- the war memorial.

It is the right place for someone who is interested in war history, especially the India-Pakistan war of the year 1971. We are always interested in the historical events of our country, and this was a very important event of our nation. So, filled with the pride and love for India, we entered the war memorial or as it is commonly known as “Victory at Sea”.

War Memorial Vishakhapatnam
War Memorial Vishakhapatnam | Image Resource : wikimapia.org

This naval war memorial, which celebrates the victory of India against Pakistan, was established in 1996. This place also pays tribute to the war soldiers, who sacrificed their lives during that war. The defeat of PNZ Ghazi; which was a submarine of Pakistan that sank off at the eastern coasts of India near Visakhapatnam – is also celebrated here which was the first submarine casualty occurred during the war.

On entering the memorial, we noticed a pyramid shaped structure. It is the focus point of the war memorial and had an engraving done at its base. It read, “The nation that forgets her defenders need no ancestors”, which makes us all realize the sacrifices made by our fighters and induces a sense of nationalism. Everyone present there was thanking the war soldiers for their moral and fighting spirit, because of whom we are enjoying our lives today.

Apart from that pyramid, there were also displayed a number of war weapons, machines, and war vehicles that were utilized during the war. A number of war relics were also displayed at the memorial site.

Looking at all those display of weaponry and relics, that were used during the war of 1971, we were able to imagine the actual war scenes and situations. We are grateful to such soldiers, who fight for our country.

On visiting the memorial, we became more interested in our countries history. And this may be true for many other visitors, especially children, who came to explore the war memorial. That visit strengthened our feeling of nationalism.


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