Dolphin’s Nose – A Pleasant Site

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We were cherishing various sites of Vishakhapatnam. The city was proving to be wonderful tourist’s destination. Our next site was a remarkable destination of the city- the Dolphin’s nose. Dolphin’s nose in Vishakhapatnam is a single and gigantic hillock which is over 350mts high. It resembles a dolphin’s nose in appearance and hence the name. The place, which is an identity of Vishakhapatnam, can be approached from the right side of the famous RK beach. We followed the road via naval dockyard to reach atop the hill.

Dolphin's Nose Vishakhapatnam
Dolphin’s Nose Vishakhapatnam | Image Resource :

In one way, this mighty hill provides a natural protection to the Visakhapatnam Harbor and to the Head Quarters of Eastern Naval Command as well. A Light House is positioned on peak of this hill that direct the forthcoming ships to Visakhapatnam; as this light house on the giant hillock, having power of 7 million candle power is the only light that can be seen from 65 Kilometers of the sea.

The place is a tourist’s spot too, and many tourists from various parts of the world come to this place and witness its natural beauty. For this reason, many buses also ply to this place.

We climbed through the spiral stairs of the lighthouse and reached to the top of it. There were some 60-70 stairs and the last 10-12 were really small and stiff. It is advisable for the kids and elderly to be extra careful.

The view from that point was amazing. The mighty waters of the Bay of Bengal were splashing in front of us, and strong cool breeze was shaking us. The entire city was visible from the site and was giving a magnificent view. We stood there for long enough and took a number of picturesque clicks.

We then moved down to a lesser known attraction of Dolphin’s Nose. At the nose tip of the place, there was located a small but beautiful beach that is called as Durga Beach. It is named after a Temple of Goddess Durga on the hill. We also noticed a few caves in the hill that were now the habitats of bats. We moved inside to have a look, and found many bats hanging upside down. It is certainly not a place to be visited by non adventures.


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