Indira Gandhi Zoological Park – Wonderful Place to Visit

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This was our second day at the city of Vishakhapatnam. We were still in the aura of the wildlife sanctuary that we visited last evening, and every one of us wanted to visit there again. So, we decided to visit a similar place, though not the same. We all instantly agreed to visit the Indira Gandhi Zoological Park of Visakhapatnam. And then, like we were given some boosts of energy, quickly got ready (without anyone caring for IPL :P) and gobbled the breakfast. We also took our cameras to capture some nice clicks of animals.

This park is considered to be the largest fenced zoological park in India. The place is a perfect destination for the visitors with the Park having courtyard of the Bay of Bengal and adjoining Visakha Valley.

We reached the Zoo that covered the area of 625 acres. There was an entry fees, and to our pleasant surprise, we were allowed to take our car within the premises, that means we can save enough time and energy while exploring the zoo. They charged us a nominal fee of rs250. But, they did charge us separately for our cameras.

We cheered while entering the zoo, and were welcomed by a cool environment. There were many people, especially with families and children who came to visit the place. Some were walking, some were on the electric buggies that were rented from the zoo (they were provided with a driver cum guide), while some were on the mini open train which was moving round the premises of the zoo.

We were having an amazing time gawking at the animals. There were white tigers, jacals, pythons, monkeys, cute giraffes, and many more, around eighty species of animals residing in the park. We spent most of our time viewing the peacocks dancing showing off their beautiful, colorful feathers. There is also a ‘deer safari’ facilitated to the visitors of the park. The bird section and the newly opened ‘butterfly farm was amazing.

The zoo was segregated into different complexes that helped visitors to view the animals they admire. We spent a considerable time there before we entered the zoo canteen to fill ourselves up.


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